Welcome to my site! Im so glad you have found it and I hope you are looking for witchcraft, water magic, art or tarot! My name is Annwyn, I am the Water Witch! I am a Witch, Artist, Dancer, Oracle and Blogger. My Tarot, Bone and Oracle readings can be purchased in the shop below. I love giving readings to old and new clients. Readings can be done live by appointment via Google hangouts or delivered via private youtube link. Click the button to find out more!


Water Magic?

Are you here looking for information on Water Magic? Witchcraft? or Avalon? You are in the right spot! You can visit any of the blog posts below. You can also go straight to the blog or the Water Witch Resource page which has a bunch of free information on Books, Tarot Decks, etc that are perfectly suited for the Water or Sea Witch! Just visit the blog and click on the link on the sidebar!


Pod Casts

Looking for more? Check out these pod casts I did with my good friend Taylor Ellwood. He runs a weekly podcast on Magical Experimenting that can be explored more here