Samhain Shadow Class

Tuesday October 29th - 7:00-8:30pm PST

Registration closes October 27th at midnight

Class will take place via Web Video. Links will be sent to all those who register.



Concepts we will explore...

  • What is Shadow, Where does it come from and how to we deal with it?

  • Taking responsibility for our actions in this lifetime.

  • Understanding when someone is projecting their shadow onto you.

  • Elemental Unbalances and how to balance them.

  • Not blaming past lives for our bad behavior in this life.

  • Understanding when it is time to walk away and how to do it gracefully.

  • Righteous anger is separate from Shadow, if you’ve been wronged it’s ok to be hurt and angry. We will discuss healthy ways to process this. Not all Anger is Shadow.

  • Toxic behaviors such as; How to spot a lie, tell when you are being gaslit and how to gracefully process this.

  • How to stand in truth with grace and confidence.

  • Introduction to the Shadow Crisis Rose.

This course will be taught by Annwyn Avalon, High Priestess and founder of Triskele Rose Witchcraft, founded in 2012 with multiple covens across the U.S. The Shadow Crisis Rose is part of the Triskele Rose Witchcraft curriculum and is used by Initiates and Students to help process and accept their own shadow. These concepts are for the first time being brought to the public. Annwyn has been teaching and guiding others through their own shadow work for over a decade. If you are interested in learning about shadow, how to identify your own shadow traits, to know when you are being projected on and how to work through them. THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU! Register Below!!!