Working with Water Spirits

Nymphs, Mermaids, Oceanids, Water Horse, oh my! The element of water is diverse and vast and holds within it a variety of malevolent and benevolent spirits. From Faery women such as the Gwragedd Annwn, Melusine, and the Lake Ladies to Selki, Nix, Naiad, and Nereid. In this class we will discuss working with water as an elemental as well as a variety of beings that fall under the Water Spirit umbrella. Many are shapeshifters that can move from human to inhuman form while others embody the water or are God like beings. We will discuss which ones are safe to approach through spirituality and the more accurate and not so benevolent nature of spirits such as Mermaids, Water Horse, and Rusalka. We will also discuss different bodies of waters such as the ocean, lakes, rivers, bogs, canals and the spirits that tend to dwell in these places. Our focus will be on European Water spirits but the lecture will establish that there are a wide variety of spirits to work with that dwell within or near water in a global scale. This is a lecture style class.You will receive an email shortly after purchase with a link to a 90 min class view able on YouTube. It includes a Power Point presentation and voice recording. You do notneed to have access to Power Point to view it. You only need access to You Tube.

Fee: $50.00