GOOD BYE 2012!

If you are like me, then 2012 was one of ups and downs. I am personally happy to say GOOD BYE! Many of my pagan friends reject the idea of celebrating the Gregorian New Year because they focus on Samhain as being the New Year. I do understand where they are coming from and I tend to make my Samhain new year all about my pagan and spiritual goals. It is very hard for me to just ignore modern holidays. I also truly believe that the energy surrounding them is quite powerful and magical. Whenever you have a tradition even if it is a new one, that is celebrated world wide by millions of people it gains power. I find myself celebrating both the Sabbats and the Mundane Holidays.

That being said I wanted this New Year to be different. I am not making resolutions to loose 60 lbs, or achieve x amount of goals. Instead I spent the last two days of 2012 cleaning out, and finishing projects. I cancelled one of my websites, and started to sell off a bunch of different high priced items that I no longer use. Took some things to Good Will. split some wonderful items that I just have too many of, or no longer use between friends. I focused on all the things I did NOT want to bring with me to 2013.

I really like this new concept. It really focuses on the death and rebirth of the Gregorian year. I finished up projects, and removed the things that no longer served me. (DEATH) There is still some work to do, but I feel  better working this way. Its so much better than wracking my brain for Stepford Wife goals ill never really achieve. So I enter 2013 with less baggage, a sense of pride for completing things, and a sense of freedom for cleaning out the things that were causing undue clutter in my life. I can not wait to see what will be Birthed from this freed up energy (BIRTH)

So GOOD BYE 2012! And HELLO 2013!