Avalon Working

 This is a very hard blog for me to write, mainly because I dont think that these words will begin to express the powerful energy of the ritual. So lets start with a little background. Last Thursday night I was driving home from a Henna gig. I was unloading the car and happened to glance at my phone, and the time was 9:11 I smiled and  kept going. A few minutes later I went around back to water my plants. The hose is on a timer to water certain parts in the yard, I have to manually over ride it to use the hose. So as I go to do that, I look at the time on the box, and what does it say? 9:11. So I note it, because it is a bit strange, and then I go about my night. The next morning was a bit busy for me. I was finally able to sit down and go through emails. I picked up my phone and it was 9:11. This was too weird! 3 times in 12 hours I had seen 9:11. 

Now things like this are not out of the ordinary for me. I have had similar things happen, it is usually when I am working closely with the "other side" several years ago this happened with a series of dead birds, a few cauldrons and other strange things that I will not go into here. Now it is important to note that my birth numerology number is 11, and that I have worked with the Gwraggedd Annwn and the 9 sisters of Avalon etc etc for the past few years. This has been a very busy holiday season. Finishing up paintings, writing lessons, mentoring students, dedications, rituals and all sorts of things. So my personal rituals have not been as frequent. 

So I found myself on 12/12/12 thinking I NEED to do ritual. I waited for 9:11 pm that night. At about 9pm I went into ritual. I had decided that I needed to work on the floor. There was something about it that just needed to be done. Now if you read my Pashmina cone of power blog, you will know that I have begun to start using a veil in certain rituals when it is appropriate. This was one of those times. I had recently acquired a blue pashmina for this reason. I covered and knelt before my altar. I had the 9 white candles laid out for the 9 sisters/Priestess of Avalon, and 2 silver candles one on each side. This was a portal and also representational of the number 11. I used my Temple Priestess and Glastonbury incense mixed together it was divine! Right at about 9:11 I lit the blue candle in front of the statue I use as Morgen la Fae. From this candle I lit each of the white candles as well as the 2 tapers, and the fire candle on the left (acquired in Glastonbury)

Sitting solemnly I spoke, " I heard your call and I am here, I am answering" Those of you that are used to powerful rituals, magick and energy will understand when I say that at that moment I felt their presence. Chills rippled from head to toe. To my left were bottles of water that I acquired in Glastonbury and in Wales. The waters of Llyn y Fan Fach, and the White and Red wells at Glastonbury. I poured equal amounts in the chalice and drank. I called in Morgan La Fae, my Ancestor Priestess, the Priestess of Avalon, and the 9 Sisters. I anointed my brow with the sign of the crescent and entered a trance. It was then that I saw them, there before me were the majestic "Shining Ones" Oh how I had missed them. They were not just in a meditation this time, they had crossed the veil and were physically and spiritually present in the room. I asked for a bit of healing on some personal issues, and then gave them honor in an impromptu moving meditation. The meditation's message was clear, and the movement was in honor, it included bowing, and touching my brow with my hands. I finished up the ritual with a seated mediation, anointing various body parts with the water and cresent symbol. Finally I added small amounts of the sacred waters to the chalice and use them as a cleansing bath. The ritual was complete, but for me it had such deep meaning and will stay with me for ever.

Sisters of 9 (poem)

Beautiful sisters of 9 how your light shines so divine, muse of my heart, I feel we are never apart. Mordron, Nimue, Vivian, you were there in the most ancient of land, ancient ladies of light block out the dark dark night. Rise up from Avalon, with sword of power, and healing of herbs, whispering sweet sweet little words. Morgan mother of great guard strong the deathly gate. Let those only pure of heart, enter The Isle of Apples. Calling upon you now, rise from the waters of the ancient lands, walking swiftly hand in hand. Surround me in this realm and yours, fill my heart with your love so light, block out those that stalk in the dark dark night.