Black Salt

Black Salt can be used for many different things. My favorite reasons are Protection, and Banishing. I am in the process of prepping for some massive spell work for a student. Astral nasties, Human nasties, etc. One essential thing that is needed when it is time to work this deep and powerful is Black Salt. Here is my recipe.

I simply mix Salt and Ash or Blackened Wood. This is simple but not very magical. In order to make it magical I add magical ingredients to my ash/blackened wood. First I take fresh, Mimosa, Basil, Mugwort, and Wormwood. I get a fire going in the fire pit and add these fresh herbs. I then take dried Belladonna, Mandrake, Balm of Gilead, Black Hollyhocks, Dragons blood and this time I threw some Digitalis I had laying around in there as well. After the fire had died down just a bit, I scooped up the ash of the herbs and added it to my cauldron. Then sorted out the charred and blackened wood and added it as well.

I took my pestle and ground the blackened wood down to a fine powder, sifted through a wire sifter and repeated this till all the wood was a fine powder. I added this to a jar with regular salt equaling 1/2 the amount of ash I already had. Shake and BAM! You have Black Salt. Very potent stuff! Of course there were whispers of incantations, on my lips as I created the blend, and some will be offered to the Ancestors to bless and then re-added to the jar later.