Dark rites on hot summer nights

It is hot, not like the cool weather of the Gathering for Life Fest I attended a few weeks ago in Canada. No there it was cool, over cast, green, and luscious. I do miss the climate already, but this blog is not about that. It is about Dark rites on hot summer nights. It's hot, so hot here I dread going outside. It's not just me, my students have mentioned how they can't stand the sun and the heat.
Though it is the light half of the year, I have found myself drawn to darker things around this time of year. Perhaps it is the blazing sun burning up everything in sight. I find myself retreating as far away from the scorched earth as possible, into the dark and dimly lit rooms of the house to counteract the power of the sun. 

I have recently privately blogged about a very personal experience at the Gathering for life. It won't be published, but can be requested by email. It was an amazing ritual, dedicated to Hecate, filled with blood, serpents, and flying ointments. It was so profound that I found myself wanting more. I felt that after such an experience I needed to at least do a ritual to honor her. 

Rain Walker happens to be a Hecate devote. It has been quite some time (with the exception of Gathering for life) that I have been the attendee at a ritual vs. the Priestess. I asked her to lead a ritual so that I could attend and go into trance and work with Hecate, there was also several other needs in the Coven and so we took this wonderful opportunity to work with Hecate. 

We called the quarters, chanting loudly we cast the circle. Rain walker invoked Hecate, and then tread the mill down below the ground. Swaying from left to right, widdershins we spiraled down, crossing the hedge to the other world. We were in the realm of the Dark Queen now. With the howl of a wolf, and the screaming of winds we fell into trance. We met her at the cross roads, and chose our path, her message to each of us was personal and powerful. Libations and offerings were given as her incense filled the room with sweetness and smoke. We gave our final thanks and close the portals and in my heart I whispered "I honor you until we meet in the tween places again Dark Queen"