Henna Magic for New Beginnings

As many of you know I have been keeping different aspects of myself separate for a while. I am now working on moving many of my websites to blogs and now run a professional portfolio of my work at www.AnnwynAvalon.com. When I originally named my business Magic Mehndi I always had the intent of focusing on henna as a magical tool. I have always been fascinated with symbology and line art and how that translates into magic.

Lets start with a little background on me. I had my first encounter with henna at a cultural fair when I was 12. The ladies that were slinging henna that day places a squiggle blob on my hand and I was hooked! It wasn't until my late teens that I was introduced to the art of Mehndi. (Mehndi is the name for the art work produced by henna paste) I tinkered with pre-made kits that I found at the local import shop but was never satisfied with the results. Several years later I found myself living in Japan. I was really focused on dance then but managed to find a teacher close to my dance studio! I took several classes from her learning how to mix paste, sift, and create basic lines and motifs. I moved back to the states and lived in North Carolina for 3 years. During this time I got my feet wet as a professional henna artist, offering henna out of a local Yoga studio and with several private clients. When I arrived in Arizona 4 years ago I began to henna at festivals right away. It wasn't too long I was working yearly gigs at the library, SCA events and regular corporate events. Now living in Oregon I find myself very conscious of my art, what I am hennaing and on who and I look forward to making magic with Mehndi!

The beautiful back piece above is a memorial piece for this client. Her mother has just passed away and she wanted to remember her at this event. She requested water and fuchsia which reminded her of her mother. To the left is a really common design that will end up having its own blog. The Triquetra, pentagram, triskele, and goddess symbols are often requested to be incorporated into a design. Many times because it has significant meaning to the person. Finally below is a design that is influences by Moroccan henna designs. Adding a few personal elements such as the crescent moons. Henna and tattoo art is used widely in Morocco especially by the Berber women, they henna or tattoo protection symbols around their eyes, nose, mouth and ears to keep evil spirits from possessing them. They also use henna to protect from the curse of the evil eye.

For the start of 2016 I have decided to create a sigil for new beginnings. I used the Theban alphabet with some creative flow to create a power sigil. After I had charged and activated it, I decided that I really wanted to put it into a henna design. 2015 was a rough year, full of transitions and death like energy. I wanted to counteract the death of last year with a bright flaming design! I wanted there to be warmth and sunshine, new beginnings and growth expressed in a design and to start the year of right! So I thought that a Sun would perfectly represent that. I created the sun motif around the new beginnings sigil surrounding it with the power of the sun and flame. I chose to add spirals to symbolize the ever turning spiral nature, of always going back to the beginning and deepening our practice. Being a child of the Water I also wanted to represent my watery nature and the spiral shape of the nautilus. When the design was finished I knew there was one element missing, the flickering flames of the sun. So I chose to shade in a rough manner behind the sun like petals of the blooming sigil to represent the flames flickering off the sun and to ignite the sigil! This is also a perfect motif to celebrate the coming of spring and the Feast of Brigid in February.

The Evil Eye

Over the last 6 months, I have recently found myself telling my students over and over, "It sounds like you need an evil eye talisman." I have said this so much that

I have started to see my Roses (aka students of various mediums) regurgitating the same information back to others, implementing it into their own work, and actively shielding against it! “Well”, I said to myself, “If you keep saying this so much, perhaps it is you that needs the talisman.” So I set to work making some!

 If you have ever visited my home and paid close attention, you will see various sizes shapes and placements of different evil eye talisman, including a dinner plate sized one that faces the front door. With the recent move to Portland, we have put much of our stuff in storage while we find our forever home. With the exception of the dinner plate evil eye and one other small glass eye, they are all packed away. Recently I have begun to wear a wonderful glass eye ring that was bought in the Istanbul Grand Bazaar years ago by a wonderful and very talented dance student of mine from Japan and so I thought it was time to write about protecting yourself from the evil eye with different types of talismans, including designs made with henna on the skin, and reversing the effects via two older spells from England.

In the end, we will discuss how to use water to help cleanse your body of these negative energies, but first a little history and cultural information!

The curse of the evil eye is a cross cultural belief that has a deep and culturally diverse background that ranges from protection and incorporation in henna designs to reversing the effects of the curse. Now, let’s explore protecting yourself from the evil eye with a talisman, reversing the effects via a spell recorded by Charles Godfrey Leland and lastly how to make water to help cleanse your body of these energies, but first a little history and cultural information! The evil eye curse, or a malevolent stare, which does produce curse energy can easily be reversed and protected against using a talisman or other methods. It is believed in, used, and actively protected against in countries such as Brazil, Spain, Portugal, India, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Africa, The UK, Turkey, and most of the Arabic speaking countries. It is present in Folk beliefs of the Berbers, Witchcraft, Islam and Judaism, and is even mentioned in Greek, Roman and Biblical texts. The Evil Eye, simply put, is a jealous or evil gaze from someone who is envious. This belief is so wide that it is hard to ignore! In fact, there is quite a bit of weight to the belief. The Evil Eye is a curse; it is often unconsciously projected from a jealous person to the victim who is typically the one they are jealous of. It is the same exact thing as the “stink eye”.

We’ve all done it and we all have even had it done to us! It is when this “stink eye” is projected onto the recipient over and over that a curse takes hold. It is important to note that most often, when people feel they are truly cursed (rather than just unbalanced paranoia) it comes from the evil eye. There are those rare times when an actual Witch sends a malevolent curse to another practitioner or person; however those seem to be the exception and not the rule.

These take much more to undo than the evil eye curse.

However, the evil eye or a malevolent stare, which does produce curse energy, can easily be reversed and protected against.

There is a long folk history of using spit to help reverse the effects of an ill placed glare or compliment on a child, however the most common evil eye talisman are usually a blue glass eye, seen below, is often used to protect against this evil glare. The classic evil eye motif that most of us are familiar with uses 4 layers of blue and white to create the bull’s eye design. Other designs include the hamsa or Hand of Fatima containing an eye or eye motif and five fingers, sea horses and the very popular Peacock eye or the eye of a peacock’s feather. The hamsa is both a protection amulet and a symbol of God. It can be traced back all the way to Mesopotamia, but is used by Arabic and Berber cultures to protect against the evil eye. Specifically it is a right or a symmetrical five fingered hand that is created with the eye motif in the center to help protect from, reverse, or ward off the malevolent glare of others. In addition, raising the right hand with the fingers slightly apart can help to break or stop the curse. Today it is sold on jewelry, wall hangings and in henna art as both protection and luck bringing.

I have been working with evil eyes since I first started learning belly dance in the very early 2000s. One of the most important things about learning something new is to show its culture proper respect. To do this, I immersed myself in the Middle Eastern Dance culture. After art school my interest in henna began to grow and I began to study different aspects of henna culture and again a very important thing about being a henna artist is knowing the right design to place on the right client. What is culturally acceptable in India may not be in the Middle East and the designs will be much different than those in Morocco and the Sudan. In Morocco and Turkey, the use of a realistic eye is often incorporated into henna, jewelry and other artistic designs, but in other countries these types of symbols are forbidden. In Morocco women use henna and/or tattoo around their ears, nose, eyes, and mouth to protect from the evil eye or a malevolent spirit. In addition, Moroccan Henna art specifically uses the eye, or eye like designs featured below, in their henna designs to ward off the evil eye. However the evil eye is not exclusive to the Eastern cultures, Europe and the UK have a long history of magic and folklore surrounding the evil eye curse.

In Europe, we see that water plays a large factor in helping to both protect and reverse the effects of the evil eye. In England, a sea horse is often used as a protection against the evil eye.

“Seahorses; those strange and beautiful creatures, Otherworldly in their movements, would, in their appearance, be at home amongst the wonderful and bizarre entries in a medieval magical bestiary. They seem to have been employed in many parts of the world as charms and amulets against the evil- eye. Dried specimens might be carried, or hung within the home, sometimes with the incorporation of tiny glass beads. Which have their own tradition of use in the averting of evil. The image of the seahorse, made from glass might also be employed in this manner, as would images of fishes, also in glass or mother of pearl.” (Gary .84)

In Scotland “silvered water” was often used by a Faery doctor to cure the curse of the evil eye. “Silvered water was water into which silver coins had dropped; and it was prepared in a special way.” (McArthur. 119) The water was taken from a liminal place and the silver dropped in the water. After which the one afflicted with the curse would drink 3 sips of the water and then the faery doctor would sprinkle the rest around the person while reciting incantations, perhaps like the one below, thus the person was healed of the evil eyes curse. If you choose to perform a similar spell you may choose to add a bit of your own spit as both a means of curing the curse and as a taglock. Another such way to cure the curse of the evil eye is outlined by Charles Godfrey Leland below.

An eye covered thee,

A mouth spoke thee,

A heart envied thee,

A mind desired thee

(McNeill. 165)

To reverse the effects of the evil eye curse Leland recorded a spell in his work

Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling. In this work he suggests that one

go to a sacred water source, river or stream. They collect the water with the current rather than against it. Then they combine in a pot or cauldron over a flame, 7 cloves of garlic, 7 coals and 7 hands full of meal. The 7 seas can be represented here with the repetition of the number 7. The pot is then heated and stirred with a three forked twig while the incantation below is recited. This connects us directly to the trident and Neptune, though there is no mention of any trident connected to this spell. The three pronged twig, much like the stang, is a representation of witchcraft and specifically sea witchcraft. So what next? Sarah Lawless suggest simmering the mixture down and adding it to a cloth which is sew in into a talisman


However, you can simmer the mixture down and bottle what is left in a jar with sacred or holy water, be sure to seal it tight and place it close to where you spend most of your time. You may choose to use a blue jar or even paint one with an evil eye. Or you can add a small portion of the liquid mixture into a seahorse bottle like below. If this is too complicated, and you prefer to simply work with water, you can make an evil Eye reversing water by adding special items to prepare and charge your water with the effects of evil eye reversal.

"Evil eyes look on thee,

May they here extinguished be

And then seven ravens

Pluck out the evil eyes

Evil eyes (now) look on thee.

May they soon extinguished be!

Much dust in the eyes,

Thence may they become blind,

Evil eyes now look on thee;

May they soon extinguished be!

May they burn, may they burn

In the fire of God!"

I have modified the above incantation for use by the Sea or Water Witch it goes as follows…

Evil eyes look on thee/me*

May they here dissolved be

And then seven ravens

Pluck out the evil eyes

Evil eyes (now) look on thee.

May they soon dissolved be!

Much salt and sand in the eyes,

Thence may they become blind,

Evil eyes now look on thee;

May they soon extinguished be!

May they drown, may they drown

In the depth of Neptune’s grave…

*Use “thee” when working for a friend or loved one and “me” when working for yourself.

 Working with water is also a good way to cleanse yourself from the evil eye. You can gather water from your sacred source and place it in a bottle (like the seahorse one below) and employ it to protect you against the evil eye. You can create an evil eye cleansing water with sacred water made of silver and set out under the full moon. Then add a clean glass evil eye to the water and let it soak in the energies, or even place a photo of the evil eye like the blue bulls eye in the picture above underneath the glass bowl. Be sure to spell or charge your water with the intent of cleansing and protecting from the evil eye, and employ your symbols through sympathetic magic to do the same. If you would like to make your own talisman you can follow the tutorial


and work in a similar fashion as I have outlined here.

You can buy glass evil eye beads online and they do very well if they are charged properly, but there is no reason to break the bank or even wait for a paycheck and shipping because you can start your own collection now by making your own.

I happen to also believe that the more you put into something the stronger it is, so if you buy one be sure to charge it well. I am a big fan of natural fibers, but I also am a dancer, so I love just a tiny bit of metallic fibers as well! I chose to use the fibers to “trap” the energy. I selected the traditional blue and white bulls eye pattern, and 3 sticks rather than 2 sticks when creating the “gods eye” I chose three because of the 3 colors used, and to align myself with the magical number 9 which is a theme that runs in Avalonian lore and the 9 maidens, 9 waves, 9 priestess etc. After I finished making these, I took them to the Pacific Ocean and performed a ritual to cleanse, consecrate and bring life it to these protective talismans. It is important to note that really anything that resembles an eye can be employed in the same fashion; snail shells, cowrie shells and other eye like stones will have similar results.

To dispose of them you can burn flammable talisman, bury glass or other talisman that cannot be disposed of in fire or cast them into the ocean. Please note to only send shells, stones and other natural talisman back into the ocean. Do not pollute our land or ocean! 

Belief in the evil eye, while not a worldwide belief does spans multiple cultures and countries. Each country has its own belief system that is similar but different surrounding this curse. From the traditional bull’s eye and mystical Hamsa to spit, water and a few coals, many Witches and folk healers have been working with this curse, successfully breaking it and restoring ones energy back to normal. Much of the lore about the evil eye is about actively protecting yourself before it takes hold. Don’t wait till you think you have received this malevolent glare, grab your tools and start crafting! Choose your method based on what resonates with you and don’t forget to charge your talisman with intent!



to visit the etsy shop and buy one of your own blessed in the waters of the Pacific Ocean!


  • Whist Waters- Gemma Gary
  • Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling- Charles Godfrey Leland
  • Faery Healing the lore and the legacy- Margie McArthur
  • The Silver Bough – F. Marian McNeill

A box of bones, Lizard legs and chaos...........

My goodness it has been so long since I have really sat down and blogged. I have truly wanted to be writing. I really enjoy sharing my practice. So the last thing I promised to write about was about the Lizard Legs. I am still working on them. I will be making 2 talisman and will most likely put them up on Etsy. I really enjoy crafting and I seem to have found a niche with bones. I have am experimenting with henna and bones too, but that juicy goodness will have to wait! So back to the lizard legs. Thor has been a busy evil cat. He finally got the big daddy lizard. It was too late when I found him I was so sad to see such a beautiful creature lifeless like that but such is the cycle of life. I removed the legs from the lifeless body as I would bird wings when I find them passed as well. Into the Witches oven they went the reptilian scent mixed with patchouli filled the air, they came out fantastic, dried and preserved. 
Lizard Legs

In other news I will be writing 2 columns for Bell Spirit Magazine, one on the Artist spot light, as well as my own personal column. I am currently working on my own piece of art called "Poison" inspired by the Art of Mucha (Art Nouveau) and Baneful herbs. She will be released when she is finished but it will be a few weeks still. I recently returned home from a henna conference that weekend was the most amazing I have ever had. Not only did I learn so much, but I the people were just simply amazing. After having a run in with the psychotic henna artist from Washington it was sheer delight to have a wonderful peaceful and supportive weekend from so many talented artists. It really made me see the potential that can be achieve with more practice and dedication. My favorite class was on the Moroccan Henna. They spoke of henna being used for protection, and for marking life transitions (hint hint wink wink about the bones) My very first henna teacher Dan of Vortex art in Japan was just published in a book of Japaneese Henna artists and I can't wait to see her work. Though it is in Japanese I can still appreciate the photos of her work. I am so blessed to have been her student!
Recent Henna design I did

The past month was one of pure chaos. My husband lost his job, and usually this would be a crisis but it was the best thing that has ever happened to him. I will have to fill you in on more of that later. It seemed like one thing after another, barely any time to think, or do much of anything. I am not going to dwell in the negative of these things as it serves no purpose. It was a hard month full of emotionally twisting things and I am glad it is in the past.
My Coven has been so supportive, I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends, and students. They have all been so supportive and I am so proud to say that they are part of my life. One student brought me to a local crystal store Star Women Crystals. If you are local you must go! I picked up a wonderful piece of Kunzite that will be paired with a quartz crystal and a badger bone. Another student and I are headed out on Thursday to go hunt for Choya. Lastly I received a box of bones this month filled to the brim with wonderful pieces of bone perfect for crafting ritual tools.
So that is the update, I have started an Ayurvedic cleanse that I will be telling more about in a later blog. I am headed out to plant some strawberries and black holly hocks!