Changing a Magical Name

Magical names are part of many Magical Practitioners paths. We choose these names for several reasons. Each person had their own personal reason. Many are required to take one for a Course, or when starting in a Tradition, others do it for anonymity, or to resonate or "vibrate" with a specific spirit, goddess, path, plant or animal. 

This is my actual Tattoo that I took a photo of then photo shopped onto this background for by logo. 
I have been using Triskele Rose for quite some time  now. It was my "first" official Magical Name, I used it for quite a while, and then it became my Public Craft name when I found a magical name that suited my practice at that time better. I chose Triskele Rose because it is based off my tattoo. Triskele Rose is the basic name to describe this symbol. The Triskele in the back represents my various life paths, Artist, Priestess, Mother. The "Rose" is the celtic 5 pointed star that represents both the Dog Rose (5 petaled Wild Rose), as well as the Pentagram and the Elements.

So what happens when you don't resonate with your magical name anymore? Or that the vibrations of the name just don't bring you the right energy? Well you change it. This is a common practice that I have really not liked. I have always felt that it takes away from the purpose of having the magical name, and is very fickle. Well this is not the case! I have been thinking this for sometime, and it has hindered my ability to allow myself to change it.  A few weeks ago I went to a full moon labyrinth walk. I didn't have any profound moments, it was enjoyable, and refreshing, but that was it. I awoke the next morning KNOWING in my gut that it had to change. I am going through a time of purging things that no longer honor me. The tattoo will ALWAYS be important, it will always be MY sigil, but it was time to let the name go.

Years ago, actually a decade ago I began to dance, received my first set of Tarot, and was active in the SCA. These few things were the stepping stones for where I am today. Though I didn't last long in the SCA I needed to choose a name or persona. When I did this, I did basic research on names, and came across a Celtic name list somewhere on the vintage internet. My middle name is Ann, and I remember seeing something along the lines of White/Silver Grace being the meaning of the name for Annwyn. It fit so I chose it! I then actually started using this name as my stage name for Belly Dance. Over the next few years it JUST became my name. When I began to seriously study the Occult I began to do more research, it took quite a while to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. It was about this time that a good friend of mine was insisting I had mermaid energy. I wanted so much for it to be so! It wasn't, but I felt she was on to something. This is when I hunkered down and began to really research. I had always been interested in the Fae, and in water (being a double water sign) I enjoyed fresh water over salt, and never had connections with "the tail" I was not surprised when I found that there were a race Welsh Water Fae called the Gwragged Annwn. The parallels between them and myself were too close for me to ignore. It was then I found that Annwyn was actually a variety of spelling for Annwn. Annwn is the Welsh underworld, it is connected to the Welsh Mythology, Gwyn Ap Nudd, and Avalon. It was about this time that I started with the Avalon Mystery School as well. 

So here I am knowing that I need to change my name, Triskele Rose is just not the right one. I felt deep inside that I needed to go back to Annwyn. Perhaps it has been my work with the Ancestors and their realm that has spurred it, or my interest in the Welsh lore and my strong pull to Avalon. I am not sure. I do know that names have power, and when  you take on a name associated with "something" you WILL bring those energies into your life. I know that Annwyn needed to be revived, and with the strong presence in my life, Avalon was an important part as well. So here with the Dawn of 2013 I find myself, shaking of the old skin and taking on Annwyn Avalon.

So I find that I have changed my views. I still don't agree on having very long names, "Apollo Ambrosius Cernunnos Amethyst Oaken Leaf. " How confusing to others, and your own energy is this? Not to mention people might not take you serious especially when crossing so many things that don't resonate. Keep your magical names simple, keep them meaningful, and don't be afraid to change them as you evolve. Also try the names out before you announce them to the world. Try the magical name in ritual, does it resonate? How was the feeling of the ritual? Did the ritual go well? How did you feel after? These things will determine how your path will go with this name. There are exceptions to the rule, but this is a good place to start. If you follow a very earthy path don't give yourself a name like Luna Sylph Feather. You will be following an airy path very shortly I guarantee! If you don't know where to start you can start with numerology, or meditate, build an ancestor altar and ask them what it is THEY wish you to take, if any at all! Keep it simple, keep it real, keep it meaningful................