Who I am

This is another post that is going to be a little different. The last year has been one of amazing change and transformation. Many things have died, resurrected, and birthed. Over this past week I have had some conversations with a good Facebook friend (meaning we have chatted for years but never actually met) and a really good old friend (meaning we have been real life friends for years) These conversations really made me stop and think. The past calendar year has been filled with loss and renewal. I feel as if I have been shook up, but when the dust settled it left me different and I like this. Recently I was reading an interview with Sarah Lawless. In the interview she said something that struck me, it is taken out of context a bit, but at the same time just a few words can shape a thought, which can evolve into much more, maybe even an inspiration. She said "but what do you actually DO?" This got me thinking, what do "I" do? That phrase coupled with my conversations really got me into a tailspin of thoughts. However at the end of that tailspin was inspiration. Finally after running into a few chat rooms this week with old worn out fights being fought yet again, the general negativity of the Pagan forums and even a Belly dance forum really made me say. Hmmmmm so here it is!..........

What I do

  • I am a mother
  • I am a student
  • I am  a wife
  • I am a friend and a trusted confidant (Because Jodi said so) 
  • I am an ethnobotanist (My internship continues next semester!) 
  • I am a Sea Witch
  • I am a Water Witch
  • I practice Folk magic
  • I am a Goddess Worshiper
  • I am Polytheist (Belief in many Deity)
  • I am an Animist (Belief that everything has spirit)
  • I practice Alchemy
  • I practice Magic
  • I practice nature based magic
  • I am an initiated Witch
  • I spend much time with one foot in this world and one in the other world
  • I am a Priestess
  • I am a Soul healer (I am a healer, but not physical I heal everything else which is a complicated thing called the Soul) 
  • I am a Seer and Oracle -I know by feeling, I just know it in my bones, my skin, gut, head and heart. I know by dreaming, I know by working with my plants. Occasionally I am Clairaudient and Clairvoyant
  • I am a Belly Dancer- Oriental style, but not any one specific sub genera
  • I am an artist- Oils, Henna, Sculpture, Talisman, Ritual Tools etc
  • I am a bone collector
  • I am a gardener
  • I am an excellent baker (but I only cook treats) 
  • I am an herbalist- I focus on the spirit rather than the body, however I am receiving training on the physical systems as well
  • I run a coven and school on magic
  • I love to teach
  • I consider myself a Traditional Witch but this particular definition "those who practice witchcraft based on the folk magic and folklore of the early modern period in Europe" (Sarah Lawless- Interview on Heathen Harvest)
What I don't do or am not

  • I don't do drama, I don't like it, it is pointless and just hurts people. It doesn't belong in my world
  • I don't care to be famous or a celebrity- However being known and respected is something I strive for.
  • Though I can, I don't really heal physical ailments in the body when working on a client, my focus it the soul.
  • I am not really an occultist (meaning those old grimores, and lengthy esoteric texts don't really interest me)
  • I am not Wiccan
  • I am not into competing with other people
  • I don't like to argue
  • I don't debate
  • I am not a warrior, I am not a pacifist, but KNOW I will kick your ass if you give me no other choice.
  • I am not filled with hate, anger or bane
  • I am not interested in helping helpless people
  • I am not interested in being around secretly mean and angry people (I can feel who you are)
  • I'm not really a good cook
I love to dance I always have but a few years ago it was completely ruined for me. The politics drama and plain stupidity just sucked the joy right out of it. It took me years to finally find my dance voice again, and I am sad to say I think that I have been pulled into the rip current of the Pagan world. So this is my statement saying, This is who I am, love it or leave it. I will continue to share but not debate I will continue to love and not hate. 

I am a Water Witch, water represents more than just the liquid, solid or gas. It shape shifts, it flows, it fits just about anywhere and is everywhere. It is the source of my creativity....