Academics, Plans and Plants!

So it has been a while since I posted! Life has been so crazy I have barely had time to breath! I haven't had a moment of spare time, but I am going to skip studying for a test and write this instead. So first thing is first. This last few months has been very eye opening to me. I started last fall's semester with excitement and vigor, I made the deans list and did very well. Classes were "ok" I enjoyed the Death and Dying class as well as my internship in Ethnobotany. I worked in the lab a bit this semester as well but I have become a bit disillusioned. Last semester and this one I helped to go through chard plant remains from ancient Mayan rituals. They were found in caves and because of the climate had been preserved. I went through and found corn, wood, and even possibly palm or some textile. I looked at so many samples, and there are so many more to go through. It was so wonderful handling these remains. Much of the work was done under the microscope but it was still very exciting. Though this professor may be an expert in his field, I am not quite sure how he got there. Luck maybe? His lectures leave much to be desired, and he has even on occasion given us misinformation. Disillusion number 1. The second one was in my Women as Healers class. I ended up doping this class for several reasons, first I realized it was a bunch of work and lots of stress, I didn't need the class for credit it was just for information, but since it was a discussion class it was all self taught I can read the books at home without the stress. This was frustrating, the requirements were very high as well. So with my failing health I decided to drop it. The bad part is I really loved the Professor, she was excellent and so knowledgeable. With the class structure and my own issues it was just not a good fit. I don't understand why some classes are a complete joke while others are so hard that I cant see straight. So in short and for other reasons I am not posting here. I am not perusing higher education in a University at this time. It is not off the table, but I cant see why I would pay so much for misinformation, stress and frustration. Good news though, I will receive the Bachelors degree still! I have found that professors are either old school and very very hard, or new school and a joke. If you cant take the time to find out the local laws on a plant you have no business teaching about it. Enough about this, if you have questions feel free to write me as I have much more to say about all this but won't bore you about it.

I ended up teaching Dance again! Those of you that have known me for years knew that I used to be a professional Bellydancer. Well after moving back to the states, I took a break, and didn't want to dance anymore. Well this year not only am I teaching 3 classes a week, but i have a full student troupe! These ladies are so freaking wonderful it is so much fun to dance with them. They even put up with my very forgetful brain! In addition I am teaching Sacred Dance 4x a year at the same studio!

Because I have been so incredibly busy I haven't had the time I usually do to do the things I love. So the post about the powders and teas, they are still in the works but I am very behind. This is partially because I am growing their ingredients and the move meant the plants had to go through a bit of shock in their transplant. So I am still waiting to harvest some things and in part because of school, as well as my henna art has been keeping me busy as well. I will post about that below. I also moved in January, so I had to unpack my home, and get my plants transplanted. I took most of them with me and have taken photos for you to see below. The powders and teas will be released this summer.

Imbolc was quiet, but the Spring Equinox was a blast! The whole Coven got together and the public part I will/can share is that we made a flower mandala and stone soup. It was a fantastic day and it was wonderful to enjoy it with those I love. We have also been doing public rituals and packing the new house full of people. The first was an Avalonian ritual for sacrifice, healing and release. It was inspired by a ritual I had attended at Pantheacon.

At Pantheacon I became closer with Aphrodite and my own path and craft. These things will be revealed in time. I have to finish school and allow myself time to rest before I can share what the implications are. As I mentioned above my health has been failing. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I do not want sorries, and sympathy. It simply just is. It is now just a name to what I have struggled with for so long. It also gives me new ways to heal, new plant allies (Thank Gaia for Arizona's Medical Marijuana laws) turns out getting a med card is easy, and so incredibly helpful! Did you know that they have MM gummy bears and honey sticks? I sure didn't! There is a dispensary right up the street from me, very classy and knowledgeable staff. I had no idea that different strains would mean different pain control, and sleep, and seizure control etc. They really have it nailed down! There will be more about this in the future as well. It is a learning process for me being more public about it, but since it is legal here and it is a plant why not right? The alternative is pharmaceutical medications with side effects and complications a mile long, no thank you!

Lastly a few other things i want to share! School will be done very soon, only 2 weeks! I plan on offering Water Witchcraft courses, continuing Wicked Wednesdays ( I haven't had time to film them, but I will soon!) Those powders and teas will be available soon with a new shop! (New Shop!) Lastly I have made it to the semi-finals in a henna contest I entered! There are only 5 left and I am still in. My goal is to be in the top 3 if I can get that I will be incredibly happy. You can see my entries here! So that is all for now, below are some photos with captions of what I have been up to. Here is to 2 more weeks of school!!!!!!!!!!

First Hollyhock of the year!

Herbal drying rack Dust made!

The Apothecary all set up!

Baby Monkshood!

Baby Belladonna!

Nettles, Dittany of Crete, Passion flower etc.

Rose garden! Not in bloom but very healthy! I didn't loose any in the transplant!

Beautiful Oleander flowers in bloom!

One of the 3 large Jasmine bushes

Baneful Garden just coming up

Herbal and Veggie garden doing well!

Another shot of the Baneful Garden!