Magical Hair Wash

Years ago at an Umbanda ritual, I was told by one of the mediums that I did not pay attention to my hair, and it needed more care and I needed to cleanse it more often. Over the years I have held on to this message and have been more careful with my hair. I have learned to keep track of the hair, making sure it doesn't get caught, and even saving it for magic and offerings. One year I even aided a mamma hummingbird with my hair to fix her poorly made nest, she use it to weave the nest to a branch. Hair holds energy, it holds everything from the past. There have been studies on hair and its power. It is believed by many cultures to hold power, energy or memory. Often times when I grieve it is followed by cutting or trimming my hair. However recently it has gotten so long that I do not want to cut it during transitions. Instead I cleanse my hair with water, oils and herbs. After my hair has been washed with shampoo and conditioner (while still wet) I soak my hair in a basin of warm water. While the water is filling, I add a cloth bag full of dried herbs, I add 9 drops of Rose oil and a few rose petals. When the water has turned into a nice tea like mixture I soak my hair in the water for few minutes. I pat it dry so that the oil and herbs stay in my hair. Today's cleanse is below.

Red Rose- For balance
White Rose- For balance
Sandalwood- To bring positivity, spirituality, and cleansing
Sea Weed- To connect with the sea and promote growth
Witch Hazel- For hair cleansing and scalp health
Peppermint- To promote growth
Eyebright- To spiritually cleanse, wisdom, strengthen my third eye and connection to the other world
Rose Oil 9 drops- For health, balance, and other esoteric reasons