Flowers for Ostara

 Happy Eostara! Eostara is one of my favorite Sabbats (hmmm I might say that for all of them) As many of you know I love flowers. Being that this is the Sabbat of spring time, the time of the maiden, who shows her face through the beautiful flowers, and hints of spring. I thought it appropriate to celebrate and give offerings of beautiful flowers to the Maiden Goddess. I spend time this past weekend down at the River. I was happy to go as it is the last time that we will be able to go with out the disruption from other people there to enjoy the cool waters. It was slightly crowded, but I was still able to perform my simple ritual.

I first gathered my traveling basket. My brand new Athame (as I cracked the other one) It isn't ready for use yet, but I wanted to cleanse and consecrate it in the flowing waters of the river. I then picked flowers from the garden, a small rose, prim rose, violets pansy, and columbine. These were for the Goddess of spring. I then brought milk and honey in a bottle I use for ritual, This was for the water spirits. I also packed some incense and tarot cards. I was able to set the flowers afloat with the milk and honey. Whispering my prayers as they floated down the river. The Goddess and Spirits seamed pleased. As the incense floated through the air we read the tarot and their messages were quite clear. 

Later in the week my conveners joined me for a simple, and laid back ritual. We crafted a beautiful mandala from flowers. It is currently still together and will be taken down and burned with more prayers, and words of thanks to the Goddess of spring for the life she has brought forth, and the bounty of the year. The ashes will be saved and used for other rites.
 Have a Blessed Eostara!