Modern Fusion Temple Dance

Modern Fusion Temple Dance- A Workshop with Monique Trinity Rose

A few weeks ago I took a new kind of Sacred Dance workshop. I was first attracted to it because of the name, but when I looked at the instructors name I knew I had to attend. If you don’t know, Roses are kind of “my thing”. My dance troupe was Raqin Roses, the ladies I worked with in Japan for dance were Moon Roses, I went by Triskele Rose as my first craft name and now that is the name of our system of Witchcraft. I also teach various classes on magic via . So Roses are important to me. The trinity has a very similar in meaning to the Triquetra or the Triskele, both which are important to me for reasons I stated above. So I was really eager to take this class just based on the corresponding symbology. 

Now I’m not very familiar with the instructor’s background as she is from a section of Belly Dance I have not be involved with very much. I am an Oriental dancer with fusion leanings so my experience with the varied genre’s of Tribal style has been extremely limited. Her style and technique is very reminiscent of Rachel Brice and that vein of Tribal Style. Even though this is well outside my typical genre of classes,  I decided to step out of my box and take this class. You can visit her website here

Oh boy! I was way out of my comfort zone! When I first arrived I was greeted by another student, and we waited for the doors to open. When they opened we were met with Monique and she brought us to the studio. It was a small studio and I was glad. Besides attending waking Persephone, I haven’t danced in many months. I was nervous because I was out of shape and I was also nervous because I am the one that always screws the choreography up. Another girl in class mentioned she did too and we laughed about it. However despite the nerves, Monique was so sweet, and welcoming. I had seen her dance the night before at the From the Hip Belly Dance Show Case which you can learn about here. It was spectacular; she is one of those dancers whose performances are flawless. She is beautiful beyond belief, and amazingly strong but her beauty shines from within, like a warm glow in her center covering her entire aura. She was sweet and so kind and I want to take more classes with her because she was just so nice to be around. 

The workshop was fantastic! It was hard, and she really showed me how out of shape I had gotten this past year on my dance break. While I have enjoyed the entire year off, I have really let my body get lazy and she kicked my ass. There was very little Oriental dance, a few shimmies, chest isolations and figure 8 but that was it. The rest was Indian dance, which I literally have zero experience with, this was actually my first class on anything Indian related that wasn’t from a Zumba class. I really wish I had known more about Indian dance, though I was able to keep up just fine. There was also yoga, I was so thankful for that. While I have a subscription to Giam t.v. I may have let that lag in the past few weeks as well. I have not been doing as much as I should. So I was very thankful.

I did want to have some sort of spiritual connection, and that did not happen, however that was not part of the curriculum she had planned and that is ok. When she comes back to Portland I will give this class another go, while I don’t have experience in this form of dance and don’t think I will be perusing it, it would be nice to take it again and see if I change my mind, perhaps it will feel more comfortable and familiar. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in Indian dance with a strong interest in the spiritual side of things.