New Years Floor Wash

If you are planning on doing an end of the year house cleanse, don't forget to add your water element in! This year we have a unique opportunity to work with the moon and our mundane calendar. No matter how we try to flow with the old days and ways, lets face it we are all modern Witches. This New Years is pretty important to just about everyone mundane or Witch. You can begin to prepare your floor wash now. On December 17th  is the full moon, you can use the power of the full moon as a boost. You wont want to mix the ingredients together till closer to the moon, but you can get the ingredients ready. Harvest your herbs on the full moon, charge your water under the full moon light as well. Once you water and herbs are ready store them till you are ready to create your floor wash. For the next 15 days you can sweep your energy out of the house as many times as needed, get your things in order, clean out closets, return books and other borrowed items to friends and consider making a donation to a local shelter or thrift shop that benefits those in need. Once you have gotten your house cleaned out and ready you can begin! The last day of 2013, which also happens to be the dark moon is the perfect day to sweep all the rest of the negativity out of the house! Depending on your plans and your intent you can choose to do the floor wash on either the dark moon (Dec 31st) or the new moon (Jan 1) I choose to use my left over sacred waters. It is a new year after all time to get rid of the old! If you do store sacred water make sure you use all of it in your floor wash keeping the house nice and clean, sacred, free of all negativity, and ready for a fresh new start. The floor wash below is what I will be using feel free to use it or tweak it to your own needs or what you have on hand!

I will be using what is in my garden and I encourage you to as well.

  • Start by soaking your herbs in either spring water or water you have collected from a sacred source. In my case we have a holy well not to far from here. I will be using the water from this well as my base. 
  • Rose petals- to bring beauty and serenity, and a bit of bite from the thorns (Sure! cut some thorns off and add them too!) 
  • Basil- has been traditionally used to banish an protect
  • Rosemary- is also known to banish, heal, and in exorcism
  • Eucalyptus- for good health, purification and protection
  • Add some lemon for fragrance (and to make those floors smell good!)
  • Preserve with some white vinegar. It will be great to wash your floors with as well. 

The smell of all these together is just delightful! If you dont have tile or wood floors dont worry! You can use the water in the form of a spray. Put the wash in a spray bottle and spray the house. This compliments a sweeping ritual with your broom if you have one. Make sure to leave the door open to sweep all he past out the door!
Have a Happy Holiday and New Year!!!!