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Starts April 1st 2019!

Registration closes March 15th

Water Magic is a 9 month course on witchcraft with a focus on water magic, folklore, healing and so much more. Water, the element of emotion, healing and transformation runs through our bodies. It is such an important element, but yet it often gets overlooked. There are many that practice Sea Magic along the shores, but many forget that there is water everywhere and water magic can be practiced anywhere even if you are not living by a river, lake or ocean. Water is the giver and taker of life. Like water Fae and Mermaids, water can be beautiful and calm or vengeful and unforgiving. Water is the element of healing, movement, and transformation. 

Water can be worked with in a variety of ways either physically with sacred vessels, and tools or spiritually by connecting with water spirits and deity. If you are lucky enough to live by a body of water, spring or even waterfall you already have a great source of water to work with. However you are not limited to that. Rain water and snow can be collected, stored and saved. Rain water can be used to wash away negative energy, snow and ice to freeze an enemy, dew can be collected from flowers to bring their essence into your magical work. Water collected or set out on the first day of spring can be used for fertility, growth, and new beginnings. It can also be labeled then stored for the rest of the year. The possibilities are endless! You do not have to live by the sea shore to work with water or sea deity and spirits all these things plus countless others will be explored in this course.

Learn about all these things and even more in this 9 month course on Water Magic This is a correspondence course that will help you become a skilled water magician and witch. The lessons are written lessons which average about 15 pages each.You can print them out and use them as a BOS or keep them as an e-file. Each of these lessons are split into 3 sections. With exercises in the 2nd portion and homework and practical application in the last. You will have all month to work on the lesson and try each of the exercises. Lesson 1 comes with a handy Full and New Moon Calendar, so you don't even have to research the moon cycle. Plan on being available to do your ritual sometime during the Full/New moon of each month depending on the lesson. Upon the completion of the course you will be awarded a certificate of completion and a sacred water witch pendant. The course will be offered one time a year. Starting in the sign of Pisces on February 20th and running till the end of Scorpio November 20th with your final moon ritual on November 25th.  Lessons are delivered on the 20th of every month which gives you 10 days to prepare yourself for the months work. All supplies are offered here pre-made, or in packs to make your own. You are also free to create your own supplies from your personal stock, as long as they line up with the lessons, and required ingredients, though it is important to note that you will still receive the pre-made supplies.  



Registration IS CLOSED!

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Some concepts that we will explore



  • Ritual Baths

  • Connecting with water

  • Water shrines and Rituals

  • Water Deities and spirits

  • Water Folklore

  • Water Magic

  • Sea/Water Witch garden

  • Potions, elixirs and waters

  • Sacred vessels

  • Types of water

  • Healing

  • Divination

  • Tides

  • Mirror magic

  • and so much more!

Each lesson is full of information on water magic. The lessons are split into three different sections. The first section is Folklore and Mythology, the second is Working with Water, the final section is practical application. This is where you will find rituals, baths, homework and meditations. The lessons will be delivered on the 1st of each month.. Those that turn in all homework will receive a graduation certificate. You will receive your box of goodies which include your supplies listed above at the beginning of the course. For those that Register on time the box will be shipped late February. Once you register you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. After that you will receive a welcome letter February 20th and your first lesson on March 1st.

View full syllabus here


Registration- $360

Late Registration- $420


What do you get for this price?

  • 9 Individual lessons delivered electronically

  • 1 Full Moon Bath

  • 1 Lavender and Rose Bath

  • 1 Quarts, Blue lace Agate, Rose quarts

  • 1 Vial of herbs

  • 3 Shells

  • 1 Sea bath and mirror

  • 1 Avalon Tea

  • 1 Black bath salt

  • 1 pack Seeds

  • 1 on 1 - Homework Video Reviews

Here are what current graduates of the Water Magic course have to say about it...

"I really loved this course! There is wonderful folklore and mythology as well as a working with water and practical application section to every lesson. The lessons were easy to follow and could be a benefit from a beginning student to an advanced practitioner." Kim- AZ

"This course has taught me so much, from folklore and mythology, to practical applications and methods of working with water. Above all, it has lead me on a beautiful and magical 9 month adventure of learning to let go of my fears and allowing myself to go with the flow, like water, and discovering my true self and embracing every moment of it along the way. This course deeply transformed me beyond words and will continuously have a ripple effect on my life. It is simply a course that one must embark on themselves to truly feel and experience all that it has to offer. I thank Annwyn for creating and running this course and for all of the wonderful fellow students I have met so far on this amazing journey that we all shared together." - Lily BC