Art Work

My art journey began when I was just a kid. I used to draw the Sun and Moons together in the traditional motif until they were taken away from me because they were too closely related to pagan motifs. Later in my late teens, I became hyper focused on drawing fairy figures and creatures from the other world. I began my formal training in the arts at Northern Arizona University in 2001. I spent 4 years learning about fine art and decided to major in sculpture. While these early experiences helped to shape who I am, my art took a very different turn after my graduation in 2005. My visual art became dormant as I began to furiously study and practice dance. 

After years of not creating any visual art, I had a break through and started working on my Fractured Femme series, some of which can be found in the Retired Art Gallery below.  This brought me into colored pencil and watercolors, a medium I had not studied while in Art school. Because of this, I am completely self taught with watercolors. My art is often a mix of watercolor, gouache, colored pen and pencil on mixed media paper. My focus still remains watery women, fin folk and winged faery with occasional additions to the Fractured Femme and my art is always informed and inspired by the Occult, Magic, Water and Women.


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