A Sea Witches Prayer

 Like Aphrodite of the waters I was born of the sea foam

Part human, Part Siren and Part creature of the deep

Stretching my webbed and bony fingers across the lapping waves

Salt stuck to my skin, shells and bone hang from my hip

Mighty are your waves oh powerful and great ocean

Holding worlds in your vast womb

My soul belongs to the sea

Ebbing and flowing with cycles of the moon

Circling through tides of creation and destruction

Like the Mermaids of the Tide

Come to me, no longer hide

Delicate waves caressing

Grant me this watery blessing…

Powers of the Ocean be mine

Powers of the Wave be mine

Powers of the Tides be mine

All of this 9x9

Birthed of wave and fertility

Fertile foam of the sea

Grow and deliver my will to me

With wind and tide and crash of wave

So Mote it be!

Thank you water for your powerful waves…