Goddess Prayer

A student of mine asked me to write her a daily devotional. Though the devotional is very specific (and I may end up posting it) I have written a daily prayer to go along with it. While I was writing it I noticed that it would be used by anyone in their daily practice and with any Goddess(or God for that matter)

Give me wisdom to see,
Those things that are baneful and harmful to me.
Grant me the strength to graciously accept,
The things that benefit my soul and make me adept.

Grand me knowledge, wisdom and sight,
So I will know the difference between the dark and light.

I ask that each day I be beautiful, patient and smart,
So that I can weave well my spells in this art.
Each day grant me compassion, kindness, and an open heart,
So with the rise of each sun I put forth a good start.

This is my devotion this is my plee,
and in return, I honor thee.