Sacred Springs and Sulis

It was time to return to the hot mineral waters of Tonopah. El Dorado Hot Springs which means "Hot water under the bush" is a Hot Spring in Tonopah Arizona. These hot waters bubble up from the subterranean hot springs that lie under the hot desert sands. The waters are thick with a soothing mix of natural minerals. Ducks, Peafowl and wild birds roam the desert oasis, which is full of life. Don't let the hot desert fool you, there is much life, wild and tamed that roam these grounds and call them home. 
 I have visited this wonderful place before and you can read about it and see some other photos here. This time though, it was time to relax, rejuvenate and to bring offerings to Sulis. Sulis has been watching over my hot baths for years. In fact she even was able to somehow secure the entire space for herself, because I never intended it to be a shrine just to her, but it just happened. Sulis is a Brithonic Goddess that presides over Bath, where she has a temple first built by the Romans. Though inactive for several hundred years during the Victorian era the hot springs was resurrected and many would still visit. Aristocrats from both the Roman and Victorian area would frequent this sacred space. Today tourists flock to see the ruins and her temple is alive and well with many patrons visiting and the Government caring for the ruins. While it is now a museum the energy that surrounds it keeps her alive and well.  While Sulis is a water goddess, and healer she is also the keeper of  curses. 

Sulis was also called Sulis Minerva by the Romans, while they are the ones credited with the wonderful architecture of her temple, she was originally worshiped by the Celts and other locals of the land. The etymology of her name is still argued about today. Some believe it means clear sight, while other think that it is associated with the sun. Still others think it means gap, and she is often referred to as the Goddess of the Gap. This is interesting as she isn't really an underworld deity but isn't really an above world deity either. She is the goddess of the gap, the place between, she is both here and there, in and out etc. Hundreds of votive offerings and over 100 curse tablets are found in her temple ruins. She is a goddess of indulgence, chocolate, flowers, luscious waters, and votive offerings. This liminal goddess was once loved and feared for being both a Goddess of healing and cursing. Today she is honored by just a few Priestess who are dedicated to working with her, keeping the waters clean, and sacred springs.

Visit Sulis the Goddess of the hot springs at bath with this virtual tour.