The year of the Octopus

Right before the year ended and the new one began I began to see Octopuses everywhere. I have never really been interested in, or connected to the Octopus. It started with a cup, I was give a tea cup for Christmas from my son. It had an octopus on it! I needed the plate to match and so I got that as well! It was about this time the Octopus came into my life...

From the deep

I was seeing so many of them that I messaged a good friend also a Sea Witch and asked her what they meant. She also admitted she felt they were stalking her too! It is not surprising we seam to flow like this, us water/sea witches. She said that they are "able to escape terrible situations, able to blend in and adapt to surroundings and yet keep unique identity." This really resonated with me. Over the course of January my favorite artist started producing little octopus pieces out of clay. I am coveting many of them! You can find them here.  I began to feel the presence of the Octopus so much that I started working on a new painting. Today (now a few weeks ago) I finally finished it! Of course I can see all the flaws but overall it turned out great. While I was working on it, I was answering emails and needed to flip to a future date in the calendar. I try not to look ahead in my witches date book simply because it takes the fun out of the content. I like to be surprised each week with something new. However today I had flipped to May, and though I had no intent on looking right before me was an entry on the Octopus. I knew at last, just like the title of this post (which I had actually started early January) this is the year of the Octopus. The writer speaks of them as being incredibly intelligent. I feel this is appropriate to where I am as I am really flexing my brain muscles this semester at University. Almost everything I am doing lately is out of the box and requiring more than usual brain power. They are problem solvers (hmm this seams like me as well!) and are wonderful camouflagers. However this is a trait that is not desirable. I have been feeling like, I just blend in lately. Like my talents are not being noticed, specifically in academia, despite this feeling I know I have to pay my dues so to speak. I have done it before, I just don't want to do it yet again. I need to stop, starting new things. They are graceful, I am dancing again, and part of my style and love for the dance is in the graceful gliding movements. I have been feeling very strange lately, it is not a bad thing. I have been wearing my hair down due to the wonderful weather. It it like legs wrapping all over the place (most times inconveniently) According to the datebook blurb they are the only known survivors of a previously known world. It ended with curiosity, creativity and challenges. three really big C's.

I also did some of my own research to find a little more about the Octopus. It is a fantastic creature, able to escape tight spaces, ink to defend and escape, as well as camouflage. It is able to swiftly navigate the waters, they are flexible and even deadly! (The blue ring octopus)

They even have three hearts! Isn't that a pretty powerful image? Three hearts surrounded by eight arms. I am reminded of the pagan wheel of the year with the 8 arms and three hearts in the center.... This resonates so much. My heart is so big I feel I have more than one. A heart for love of people, a heart for love of self, and a heart for love of the divine. What do your inner octopus hearts represent?

They are fiercely independent learning much from their own experience and very little from their parents. There is so much about them that is so unique and wonderful. However I will end with this...

The octopus when in danger produces a black ink like substance to "shield" them from predators. When you are under attack mundanely and spiritually, or even if you are just overwhelmed with energies that you can not process. Find your inner octopus. Use your minds eye to excrete a black energetic ink to shield you so you may find peace and rest from all that is going on around you. Then use your keen flexibility to escape to a better place.