Healing Waters

School is out! Grades haven't been recorded but I have finished all my work! I have been exhausted, and emotionally tired from all the stress. I am a free spirit, and I do not do well with deadlines and worry. Now that I have been released from the academic bonds, I needed a place to rest, relax, get away from the world. Today I did just that.

I have the most amazing friends and one of them made reservations at a Hot Springs. Yes! I said Hot Springs and yes here in Arizona! Actually until a few weeks ago I had only heard a whisper here and there that they existed. Then I found out they were real, and very close to the house. Early this morning I woke up and drove to meet my friend. We then drove just a little past the city and out into the desert. We landed in a small town called Tohopah at the El Dorado Hot Springs. We got to spend 4 wonderful hours staring out at the desert, soaking sky clad in the hot mineral waters. The little oasis provided just what my soul needed to bring me down from the airy academia that had consumed my mind for so long. It grounded me, brought me back to my center, and back to a more balanced and water centered witch!

I collected the healing waters in a bottle, and we age lunch and snacks. I brought offerings of pansies, rose, and mint from the garden and offered them to the water spirits in the tub, and then enjoyed soaking in their warm essence. I loved watching the petals float over the side of the stone tub and down by the bamboo wall. There was a small stream of water that took the flowers between the bamboo and into a secret unknown place. There wasn't any particular rites, just relaxing, resting, rejuvenating and healing in the hot waters...