Herbs and flowers every Witch should have in her garden

A student of mine recently asked me what herbs and plants she should plant in her garden this year. So I began to think and think. The more I thought the more wonderful plants I thought needed to go on the list, then that list split into different lists. So I decided I would create a few different lists based on what I grow in my different gardens, what they mean and why. There is no dogma to this. There is no right or wrong, but this is what will be in my garden! Always consult your doctor before starting to use herbs medicinally and NEVER ingest a baneful herb. Do your research and know what you are growing and how to properly protect yourself...

Herb and flower garden
(Great for connecting with the Fairy Folk)

  • Lavender- Soothing and healing used for purification and love
  • Mugwort- Good for divination and dreaming
  • Wormwood-Psychic powers and spirit work
  • Basil - Protection and Wealth makes a great addition to a herbal bundle for burning
  • Sage- Protection, purification and wisdom
  • Lemon Balm- Healing and Love
  • Rose- You can use both the petals and the rose hips. Rose hips contain more vitamin C than an orange. Rose petals can be used for sacred water and in teas (to name just a few)
  • Balloon flower - A perfect 5 pointed star! Keeper of secrets and connects with water
  • Valerian- Aids in sleep
  • Motherwort- Women's mysteries
  • Primrose- Protection and to attract fairies
  • Hibiscus- Love and divination
  • Dandelion - Used for wishing and divination, aids in digestion.
  • Cat mint - Aids in sleep and relaxation used for beauty and happiness
  • Spearmint- Healing and Love
  • Yarrow - Atracts fairy, healing and can help stop bleeding also used in exorcism and psychic powers
 Baneful Garden

  • Belladonna- Flying and vision work
  • Black hollyhocks -Fertility and money also helps with coping with shadow work
  • Henbane- Necromancy and spirit work
  • Monkshood- Protection, Shape shifting and Invisibility
  • Foxglove- Protection and connecting with the Fairy Folk
  • Black Baccara Roses- Connecting to women's mysteries and our shadow self.
  • Black Calla Lilly- Resilience and grief
  • Datura - Breaking hexes, journey work and flying

Indoors garden
  • Orchids- Beauty
  • Venus fly trap- Protection
  • Money wort - attracts money (good if you have fish  but be careful some fish will eat it)
  • Money tree- Attracts money
  • Mandrake - Sex magic

Always keep fresh flowers when you are doing shadow work or greiveing let them die, keep them as long as you need as a way to symbolise death as well as allow you time to heal. When you are coming to a close of your trials burn them to help release the energy and start movement again. Check out this page for more info on the magic of flowers!