Autumn Blessing Water

You will need:

  •  A Sacred Vessel
  • Water
  •  Fall Leaves
  •  Orange and Red colored stones. (Calcite, Carnelian, Jasper etc)

1) Start your water by cleansing your sacred vessel, ground and center.
2) Gather fall colored leaves and fall colored gemstones. Place them in your vessel.
3) Pour water over the leaf stone mixture.
4) Focus on Autumn's energies, what you are blessing and be clear about your intent. Focus this into the water, perhaps hold your hands over the water and whisper a few words.
5) When you are ready cover the bowl with a cloth and place in a safe location for 24 hours.
6) When you are ready, strain the water into a jar and add a little vodka to preserve it.
7) Use the water to bless your sacred space, altars, or any other work during the Autumn season.