Dandelion Wishing Spell

You are probably familiar with Dandelions and even wishing with their seeds, no doubt as a child you have done this! This month we are going to take the Dandelion wish even further and create a spell that uses the water of the river to carry your wishes and dreams down stream to be planted and prosper in the warmer months. This is particularly effective if the wish or desire has to do with purging or getting rid of things.

You will need:

  •  A Dandelion
  •  Running Water Source
  • A wish or special intent

Go to a river or a running water source
Go to a river or a running water source
Gather a Dandelion that has gone to seed
Focus your intent, wish, etc into the seeded flower of the plant
As you focus your intent into the Dandelion, blow it into the river and let the water carry your seeds to be planted down stream