Bathing with Flower Spirits

Bathing with Flowers can be very powerful. Plants are intimately connected with water, healing and spirit medicine among other things. For this ritual you can do it any time you like, but during the full moon is ideal. Gather your fresh flowers either from your garden or the store. If you choose to use store bought flowers, be very mindful that they are not dyed, or treated with chemicals. Places like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and your local farmers market would be a good place to start. Once your flowers are selected talk to them, spend time in meditation and tell them what you need. Healing is a great place to start as plants naturally help and nourish our bodies (With the exception of a few) Once your Flower Spirits know their intent, fill your bath with water, quartz crystal and bath salts. Before you get in hold your hands over the water and clearly speak you intent out loud, three times, then get in the warm water. While in the bath focus on healing and those things that you need to be cleansed and healed. Relax and enjoy the bath. This is a great time to call on the power of the moon, your guides and Deity to aid you in healing. When you are finished stand up, and let the water drain out of the tub and with it all that you want to remove to make room for your healing. When the water has drained all the way out, collect your flowers and return them to the earth. Repeat as necessary!