Old guys house
Faery portal?
Stourhead was a beautiful accident. We arrived at Stourhead in the rain on day 1. We bought a membership to the National Trust which gave us free access, I was so happy we did because we were only able to go see the Temple of Apollo and then had to leave to make it to our Stonehenge appointment.

Beautiful flowers saturated the park

Temple of Apollo
We returned two days later and stayed for several hours. I was so glad that we did. This place, in the rain or sun was full of life, magick and a strong Fae presence. Though this was just some rich guys old home, the Gods, Goddesses and Faery have moved in and made this home. It was amazing, beautiful shrines, temples, grottoes, large beautiful stone and plaster statues.

River Guardian
The entire park had a sacredness about it, it had magick it was a sanctuary for both nature and spirit.  When we made it to the grotto of the water nymph and river guardian you could FEEL their spirit there. We gave a gift of coins to show our respect and love for them. On the floor before the Nymph was a line from a poem

"Nymph of the Grot these sacred springs I keep,
And to the murmur of these waters sleep;
Ah! Spare my slumbers, gently tread the cave,
And drink in silence, or in silence lave. "

When we arrived at the pantheon it was amazing, there was such beautiful craftsmanship to the entire building and each statue, and wall plaque. The statue of Flora (I heard) was ACTUALLY from Rome. The others were reproductions made sometime in the 1800s (I think). The statues in the past had been scattered in the park in the different temples, but recently had been moved to the Pantheon.

I was amazed when we reached the Temple of Flora to see that the decoration on the outside of her temple were animal skulls. I did not think that this would be what her temple was decorated with, it made me pause and think about my own love for flowers and animal skulls and how they correlated.
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Temple of Flora

 These are two wonderful ducks that let me get so close and allowed me to photograph them. There was a peacefulness about the park that is shown in the serenity of these ducks. THIS is what I thought the whole of England would be like. Unfortunately I cant live here as its now national park.

How can the Faery not be here? They have surely left their mark
Fiddle head ferns, a sign of newness, and birth.
Could this be a Faery portal? if so how many realms could be accessed through this?

To sum up, this Water Witch found HOME here at this park. The serenity of the atmosphere, the gentleness of the trees, and animals. THIS was a sanctuary to the Gods. I was getting spiritual "hits" left and right. I could sense Flora like she was calling to me, beckoning me to worship her. The Nymph of the Grotto spoke to me of the seduction of water, and to work with Ducks more. She told me there was so much to learn from the water, lakes, rain and fog. Now it is time for me to become a MASTER at water macigk. Oh where to start....................

Sisters of 9 (poem)

Beautiful sisters of 9 how your light shines so divine, muse of my heart, I feel we are never apart. Mordron, Nimue, Vivian, you were there in the most ancient of land, ancient ladies of light block out the dark dark night. Rise up from Avalon, with sword of power, and healing of herbs, whispering sweet sweet little words. Morgan mother of great guard strong the deathly gate. Let those only pure of heart, enter The Isle of Apples. Calling upon you now, rise from the waters of the ancient lands, walking swiftly hand in hand. Surround me in this realm and yours, fill my heart with your love so light, block out those that stalk in the dark dark night.