Drowning Ceremony

Burning Ceremonies around the dark moon are really great, powerful and popular! They help us to shed the old, work through blocks, shadow work and releasing things that hinder our progress. As a Watery person you may not feel very connected with fire and its energy. However there is another way for us watery people!

In Folklore and Mythology Mermaids are not usually full of love and light, they represent the darker aspects of ourselves and are often known for drowning men. So for us watery people sometimes channeling our own inner Mermaid and just drowning the paper in water till it becomes mush and returning it to the earth is just as effective. If you work with Mermaid spirits you can also call on their aid to help banish and drown your sorrows.

How to do this...
  • You will need a sacred vessel dedicated to dark moon work, pen and paper, dark moon water
  • Take your vessel that is dedicated to nocturnal and banishment work and set it in your work space. You will want to have a different vessel for this type of work to keep the energies different that your full moon. healing, manifesting type work. 
  • Pour your dark moon water in the bowl. Dark moon water can be made the same way as full moon water, just during the dark moon cycle
  • Charge your water with intent by speaking to it and telling it what you need
  • Write what you want to banish on the paper and charge it as well
  • Now focus your intent and drown the paper in the water, crumple it up, tear it apart and let it turn into mush
  • Take your vessel outside and pour it onto the ground and bury the paper mush, if it is personal work, emotions and healing work with your local land spirits and let them recycle the energy. If you are taking this a step further and working banishing or cursing magic, be very sure to take the water away, dispose of it at a crossroads or in a location away from your home in the west (endings) or north (underworld and death). 
  • Walk away and let the magic work

Healing from broken relationships

Healing from hurt others have caused you, pain, anger, the feelings of loss are so difficult to deal with. I take a very different approach to things like this, and many people don't agree with me. IMO I think that it is very normal for you to feel terrible after something has happened. I think that you shouldn't be so hard on yourself for a natural reaction, such as anger, pain, hurt etc. I also believe that to deny ones self these feeling only increases it. Do not dwell on the feelings, instead allow yourself time to grieve, cry, be hurt, etc. This nurtures the healing process and eventually it wont hurt so bad. This is very similar to a divorce/break up. I'm not saying it is the same, but when you care about someone and they hurt/leave you it can do similar damage. You are much better with out the relationship, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. People hurt us and we have to forgive them, but its almost impossible till our wounds are healed, and they wont heal with out the grieving process. Set time aside for you, and to allow yourself to grieve. Honestly it is natural, that is, if you are human.