Folk Magic Water and Horse Brass Spell for Luck and Protection

This spell uses traditional elements such as horseshoe, horse brass and silvered water. First, a little background on each of the items we will be using in this spell.

Horse Brass
Horse Brass are brass amulets traditionally used in the UK to decorate and help identify draft horses. They were used during the 17th century and now are collectors’ items used to decorate homes, pubs and other spaces. As a child, I remember growing up and having many of these around the house. Recently I found that they were used as charms and protection amulets. “Horse brass were first used as amulets and not primarily as decorations”(Pearson:198) While this spell uses an actual horse brass, other brass charms or even shells could be used in a similar manner employing them for specific purpose for the sea or water witch.  “The brasses used to decorate the horse trappings originate thousands of years ago in amulets designed to ward off evil influences and protect the bearer from all forms of negativity. Designs such as the Sun, Moon, Stars, Equal-arm Cross and Circle have been found on amulets dating from the Iron Age period in Britain and still appear on brasses today…” (Pearson:154) The brass I selected has a Rose, Thistle and Shamrock on it. The thistle and rose are sacred to me and the shamrock mirrors the Triskele with its three heart shaped leaves.

When you first think about a Horseshoe you might instantly think of luck! It is popular folklore to associate both the horseshoe and shamrock with luck, in fact there are probably hundreds of thousands of tattoos with both! However, horseshoes have been used as protective amulets as well. “Old horseshoes are of course seen a-plenty hanging on house and stable doors throughout the region, many having been placed there as protective devices many years ago.” (Pearson:199) When visiting the UK in 2012 I stayed on a Barge, which is a narrow house like boat full of its own watery traditions, ghost stories and folklore. The Canal ways have their own style of art as well, which is full of stylized roses and often castles with sun, moon and other motifs. While I was on the canal, at one of the locks, there was a little village store. I stopped in and grabbed some local art; a painted pail, small boat and a painted blue horseshoe featuring roses in the canal folk art style. This has become a wonderful magical tool and furthers my connection with the water.

Silvered Water
In Scotland “silvered water” was often used by a Faery doctor to cure the curse of the evil eye. However, there are many accounts of silvered water being used to heal, cure, and used in other forms of magic “Silvered water was water into which silver coins had dropped; and it was prepared in a special way.” (McArthur: 119) The water was taken from a liminal place and the silver dropped in the water. For my silver water I chose to use my sacred vessel and a very special silver pendant I have had since I was 16. I acquired it in Scotland around Edinburgh and it features 3 thistle arranged in a similar way as the Triskele. I have it attached to a short silver chain which is perfect for charming and silvering water. We will start by creating silver water and move into our protection and luck charm. 

How to create Sacred Water with Silver
You will need:

  •   A Sacred Vessel
  •   Distilled water, or water from a sacred source 
  •   A silver coin, ring, or pendant

1) Start your spell by clearing your space, ground and center.
2) Consecrate your sacred vessel by holding it and saying... With my breath, with my heart and with my will I consecrate this vessel.
3) Place your silver into the bowl, and begin to pour water over the silver filling the bowl up.
4) Carry your sacred vessel outside and place under the light of the full moon for 1-2 nights or just let it sit for 24 hours.
5) Bless the water with a prayer or incantation, Nine times is recommended. Something similar to this will work.
Nine maiden of the sacred well
Bless this water
bless the well
in your sacred spiral swell
Bless this water
Bless the well

6) Retrieve your water, label it, and store it in a mason jar with a tight lid. Now it is ready to use any time you need it!

Once your water is finished, dip your horseshoe into the water 3 times with the specific intent of making it a magical tool for either luck, protection or both. Empower and consecrate it in the same way you empower ad consecrate your other magical tools.

When this is finished lay out your working board, cloth or altar space and place the sacred water on the surface and then lay the horse brass inside of the Horse shoe. Spend a moment getting your intent clear, cast your circle or lay your compass and call upon your deity’s or spirits. Then hold your hands over the horse brass and tell the charms with words what you are employing them to do. Now sprinkle the silvered water on to the charm, as you do this speak aloud to your spirits and ask them to aid you in your work and to lend their power to the charm and its intent. Be sure to give them plenty of offerings, you know what they like so be sure to give them their favorites! 

Offerings to the Sea and Water

Excerpt from the Water Magic Course... 

Naturally witches that work with water will want to give back to the ocean or body of water that they work with which gives them so much year around. I often come home from the beach feeling so full, happy and with so many treasures, that I want to give back. However, we need to be very careful what we decide to give the ocean or other bodies of water. Often time’s good intentions can have negative effects. For example a beautiful trinket that you want to give to the ocean may be made of plastic and harmful to the waters creatures. We want to avoid giving the water anything that does not belong there. I have divided offerings into three categories.

The first category is Positive Impact Offerings. This type of offering can be given anytime you like. They include things such as beach cleanup, rescue relief, ocean conservation, and ocean and animal advocacy. Charging waters, making gem elixirs and healing teas for the ocean. There is also nothing wrong with collecting shells from the beach, charging them for a moon cycle and bringing them back to the water!

The second category is what I call No Impact Offerings. They do have an energetic impact, but there is nothing taken away and no strange, out of the ordinary offerings used. These include things such as driftwood that you collected previously and perhaps carved and have now returned to its original location. Tumbled stones such as agate or quartz that you either found and tumbled or were given/purchased etc. These types of stones are often found on the beach so bringing something similar to the location that is charged with magic will be a no impact type offering. Be sure not to use heat treated, dyed and over mine stones. Do not use paints, stains or other chemical based things. However if you wanted to make an offering out of drift wood and you do want color, consider using a natural dye that you extract yourself. For example, my henna paste is 100% organic and natural. There is not one thing in there bad for a human, animal or the environment. So if I wanted to carve a piece of wood and add some red, I could use henna; same with red ocher and traditionally prepared woad.

The last category is what I call Low Impact Offerings. These are offerings that do not in any way harm the ocean or the environment, but that do add a foreign object to the water. These include things such as flowers, stones such as amethyst and garnet that you would not usually find, hair or other taglocks and papers that are not bleached, have no chemicals etc. It is really important to use flowers that are grown yourself pesticide free, or if you know a florist that buys natural, no chemicals, no pesticide, no dye flowers then you can use them. You want natural not heat treated stones, and even papers can have bleach, or other chemicals. It is your responsibility to check what you are adding back to the water, ignorance is not an excuse! You must educate yourself on your offerings and never ever use something toxic! I use this last category for the most important things, such as my work with Aphrodite, major rites, and important rituals marking transitions in my life. 

Scrying with Black Water

Scrying is gazing at an object, a black mirror, a crystal ball or a bowl of water with the intent of telling the future. Usually the practitioner will sit in a comfortable position gazing at a shiny surface until images appear in your mind’s eye or on the surface of the material you are gazing at. There are many types of divination practices out there, and scrying is probably one of the hardest. It is hard because it requires one to really let go of the mind chatter and allow the spirit world to speak to you. Many witches have a favorite scrying tool, and they can vary from a black mirror, to the surface of a lake, favorite scrying bowl, or even an obsidian ball. Truth be told any reflective surface will work! However for the sake of this blog post I will be talking about scrying with water, specifically Blk Water.
Blk water is water that is black, it is a brand name, and it is sold by the bottle most liquor stores and sell bottles. You can also visit their website here Blk Water is spring water that has been infused with Fulvic Acid, this creates a very alkaline black colored water. It is very fun to experience this black water for the first time! When you first purchase it you will notice that when the water is in the bottle the water is very black in color, but under certain lights it can look very brown. For a water witch who wants to learn how to scry this is the best water to start with! 

Scrying on black surfaces is very common in the witchcraft communities. Witches and fortune tellers have used everything from blackened mirrors, to obsidian balls to access messages from the otherworld. Perhaps you have tried to scry before with a bowl of water and it has left you wanting more, perhaps you already scry with a black mirror and just want to bring water in to your practice. Either way picking up a bottle of Blk water and using it with your sacred vessel is a great start. Blk water is mysterious and the darkness of it connects us to the nocturnal, the darker aspects of ourselves and shadow work. 

To start, find a comfortable position and prep your work space, you may choose to cleanse your space with incense, burning sage or saining with your favorite herb. Be sure you use a sacred vessel and not just any old bowl from the cupboard. Scrying with Blk water can be done in a fully lit room, but diming the lights and lighting a candle, placing it close to the bowl and letting the light dance on the surface is a wonderful way to start scrying. Start by clearing your mind and relaxing, don’t try to rush this, and don’t get too disappointed if you don’t get any images at first. It took me a good 2 years of practicing before I got good at scrying and to be honest it is still not my strongest fortune telling medium. When you are relaxed, call upon any spirits or ancestors you may work with when doing oracular work. Ask them for clear messages and the wisdom to understand the meaning of the images you see. Then allow yourself to slip into trance and let your mind wander, as you see images jot them down in your notebook, and keep a log so you can begin to sort through ego and true messages from the other side. When you are finished thank your spirits and ancestors for their messages and connect firmly with the earth and bring your mind back to the present moment.
If you have tried scrying and it has just been too frustrating for you perhaps try scrying with inks!  Inks can be a really fun way to begin to flex your scrying muscles and learn how to become great at scrying. I actually started playing with inks in water because I wanted to become better at scrying and I’m an artist,  I just happen to have some lying around and thought “Hey! If I can’t scry with the surface of the water I will try playing with the shape the ink makes.” The good news was, it worked! Years later I am much better at scrying than I was and I love playing with the different colored inks. My personal favorites are a light blue ink in clear water and Blk water with silver ink. You may need to give the water a spin if the ink is not moving, I use a chopstick for this and I just give the water a push and then sit back and watch the ink take shape.

Sea Charm for Protection

Last month I was out of town much of the month. Part of my travel was to San Francisco for a lovely well needed vacation. The second part was to attend my 2nd year at Pantheacon. It was a fantastic time, and I will be blogging about some of the things I learned very soon. However this blog is all about a Sea Charm for protection.
I was very excited to attend Pantheacon this year, a good friend was planning on going and I was looking forward to seeing her. She mentioned that she sensed something was "off" and her intuition was telling her to be cautious. Well it would have been foolish to ignore such a warning! I still wanted to go and have a great time however I was very cautious. With my energy very scattered and preoccupied with vacation fun I thought I better be careful and add some extra protection oomph. I am on my second read through of Whisht Waters and had remembered Gemma Gary had mentioned that sea horses are traditionally used for protection against the evil eye. I immediately knew what to do, I saw a charm in my mind...

I keep stock piles of shells, bugs, salts, strings, bones, beads and other things used for magic. I selected a small oyster shell to keep me hidden and safe, black salt for protection, the traditionally used sea horse, and finally 9 pieces of garnet which is also traditionally used for protection when traveling. I bound them tightly and sealed them with breath, incantations, and knot work. I am back from my trip and I have to say it worked brilliantly! If you want to make your own follow the directions below...

You will need...

  •  A clam that fits nicely together and will hold your sea horse
  • A dried sea horse, these can be found at many beaches such as Sanibel Island and some online stores (you can also substitute this with an evil eye or a drawing of a sea horse depending on your intent, if you are purchasing it, please find a beach comber on Etsy, someone who can verify they found the seahorse and do NOT buy them from places like craft stores or online stores. Vintage seahorses are also a good option)
  • Black cotton or wool string (I am a stickler for the natural fibers)
  • A few pinches of black salt
  • 9 pieces of garnet

Once you have gathered all your ingredients, create your sacred space in your usual fashion. Add the ingredients into your shell and close it tightly. Bind the string around the clam shell until you are satisfied, I tied 9 knots into mine to match the number of garnet beads inside. However if you use a specific number you can substitute that as well. Once it is bound focus your intent and breathe your intent into the charm by blowing over it softly (or fiercely if needed) Tuck it away or carry it with you!

Avalon Water Spell

Avalon is the Isle of Apples, the Mystical place of intense healing and rebirth...

So this spell is just a little rhyme that I use to help me part the Mists and journey to Avalon to heal...

I anoint my brow with the red waters of the Chalice well
I anoint my hands and feet with the white lime/calcium saturated waters of the White well

Then I whisper...

Waters of Avalon draw me near
To the place that I hold dear
by skull and stone
and Blood and bone
I part the mists
and Journey into the unknown...

Introducing a 9 month Course in Water Magic

I know many of you have heard me say it over and over, but it is FINALLY HERE! I am so excited to be making this announcement. Starting in March 2015, I will be offering a 9 month course in Water Witchcraft and Magic! This course will run from March 1st until mid November. What does this course offer? More than you can imagine! In 9 months we will pack Sacred Baths, Mythology and Folklore, Sacred Waters, Creating and working with water, meditations and much much more! If you would like to see the entire syllabus then click here

Each course packet includes 

  • 9 Individual lessons delivered electronically on the 20th of each month. 
  • Full Moon Bath 
  • Lavender and Rose Bath  
  • Quarts, Blue lace Agate, Rose quarts
  • Vial of herbs
  •  3 Shells
  •  Sea bath and mirror  
  • Avalon Tea 
  • Black bath salt Seeds

Water Witchcraft

Most people are familiar with sea witches and sea witchcraft. It seems as if, like the village witch, the sea witch has been recognized as a solitary powerful path by the general community. Of course sea witchcraft is not limited to solitary practitioners, as I know of a few sea witch covens around the globe, but often times sea witches are inclined to carve their own path, similar to the way a river might carve it's own path through stones. Water witches, like the Sea Witch, are drawn to the water. Water witches are drawn not only to the ocean, but they feel and must answer the call of river water, lake water, canals and even the rain. Like the sea, these bodies of water are seductresses. They pull at our heart strings and torture our spirit; pining and raging like an ocean in a storm. I have heard whispers of those that say they have Mermaid or Selkie blood and also of those that have had past lives as such creatures; perhaps they are true and perhaps it is just the seduction of the mysterious waters. What is known, is that the water calls to us, it pulls us in and we feel empty and lost with out it.

A water witch is simply one that works witchcraft with water. Over the years I have found some that are skeptical, and others that deeply understand my words. It is very interesting that Sea Witches seem to be accepted by the pagan world, but Water Witches are not. However, with the recent publishing of Whist Waters by Gemma Gary, it seems as if the Witchcraft community is finally interested in accepting Water Witchcraft as well. It makes sense; water is everywhere. It is not just the ocean or large lakes, it is the rain, the swamps, large rivers and seasonal streams etc. Water is essential to our life; we cannot go without water for longer than a few days without death. Our bodies are made up of a considerable portion of water. We know from Dr Masaru Emoto's work with water (which I will discuss below) that even the slightest word can create a change in water, and how that word is spoken influences the outcome of that change. When we put these thoughts about water and change together with the definition of magic...

Magic is...

"the science and art of causing Change to occur in conformity with will" 
~Aleister Crowley~

"the art of changing consciousness in accordance with will"
~Doreen Valiente~

We end up with a very clear picture of how powerful water magic can be. In short, since we know that words and intent influence the structure of a water molecule and that magic is change according to will and will and intent are almost synonymous then we have a basic formula for Water magic. Intent + water = a visual change. In a way, we can even see the magic take place!

Before I continue I want to share some of Dr. Masaru Emoto's work. I am a big fan, and I am absolutely thrilled that we have scientific evidence that thoughts, spoken and written word, music, and environment effect the way that water forms crystals. This short video on youtube gives a very quick overview of all his work. Dr. Emoto began photographing water crystals and comparing how they looked. He found that polluted water and natural spring water were incredibly different. He then took it a steps further and played music for several hours to distilled water. The results were astounding. Classical music formed beautiful snowflake like crystals while heavy metal produced scrambled molecules. He then took it even further and began speaking single words to the water and watching how it changed. Positive words created beautiful patterns while negative words did not. You can see in the video below some of these images and how they are compared. Dr. Emoto's work is widely known and in the past few years has gained much popularity and respect world wide.

When we look at Water Magic as a practice, utilizing it in either small (rain, wells, etc) or large quantities (lakes, ocean etc), it is very clear that chanting, spells, incantations, sigils, and many more magical practices can be incorporated and the result is incredibly powerful. For hundreds of years Holy Wells have been revered for their powers of both cursing and healing. Such bodies of water include the famous hot springs at Bath. The hot baths, shrines and a temple dedicated to Sulis, the Goddess that presides over the hot springs, are  known to heal, but are also known for its curse tablets, where over 300 were found. Many bodies of water like the Glastonbury red and white wells contain their own properties which are enhanced by the calcium and iron deposits. For hundreds of years Clootie have been hung over sacred wells in the UK. This was practiced widely from Wales to Scottland and still is today. The famous Mother Shipton, witch and oracle, lived by a sacred spring and can still be visited today. Not suprisingly her name is Ursula Southeil (interesting connection to Disney's little mermaid!) As you can see both Folklore and Science support the idea of water magic.

Water Witchcraft, as I stated before, is very similar to Sea Magic and Sea Witchcraft. Sea Witches usually stick to the sea shore, however water witches will be found just about everywhere. Near lakes, rivers, holy wells etc. Tools are usually gathered from the shoreline and oftentimes shells, driftwood, and plants are their tools of choice. Water Witches will most often blend Sea magic with their craft. Focusing on tides, moon cycles, and so much more. Since there is no specific Water Tradition (with one exception) you will find that most sea/water witches practice very differently. Some incorporate water and sea spirits, fae or deity into their practice, while others believe that there is no religion associated with their practice at all. These topics are very popular in the pagan community and chat boards, and though they do influence water/sea magic, they are not a topic I am going to discuss here and for one very simple reason; No one will ever agree! Water witches will also find that they differ in their beliefs, the one thing that binds us together is Water in her many forms. For me, a Water witch's practice can be defined by Magic that is focused around water, water creatures living and dead, spirits that are associated with water, and if one wishes Goddess and Gods associated with Water.

** The one exception in tradition I mention above is The Water Witches in the UK. There is very limited information on them however. They are part of a group of people that were very much like gypsies, but their homes were floating barges. There is no particular tradition and with limited information it is hard to say how they practiced. However what we do know is they were wandering people of the industrial revolution that lived on the water canals in the UK. Many people still live this way today, but I am not sure if they exist in the same manner.  I call this a tradition because it was a group of people that practiced for years in a similar way, and many were family. You can read about my own adventures on these mysterious canals here.

There are many different types of water; fresh water lakes and the ocean are not the only types and many hold as much power and mystery such as the muddy waters of the Uk Canals, sacred wells, and swamps. Many sea witches work with brackish water and so do water witches. There is so much magic in the brackish waters of the Calvert cliffs. Large Megolodon teeth can be found on the shores, and stingrays swim circles in the early morning on the calm glassy surface of the pale blue and gold water with the sun rising in the east. The shores are full of healing and death, with yarrow growing among the poison  hemlock on the banks of the shore speaking of balance and bane. Large predators once roamed the waters and the stings of the jellyfish are fierce. Oh how glorious to watch the storm come across the waters...

Swamp water is also full of mystery and poison. Toads, snakes and spiders lurk with in the grooves of a hollowed cypress tree, tall nubs of the cypress trees roots peek above the surface of the waters. Swamp waters can be found all over the world. Most commonly known would be the Florida Everglades and the Bayou of Louisiana. Any type of magic you can imagine can be practiced in this type of water, from natural magic to voodoo. However I will say, I do not think that ceremonial magic would be suited for this type of environment

Lakes and Fountains hold so much mystery and mythology. The Lady of the lake has to be the most famous account of water magic taking place in a lake. There are several tales of Ladies of the Fountain and Lake Ladies and their magical gardens, healing powers, and bargains.

Rain, Snow, Hail and storm energy in general is very interesting to work with as well. I personally collect water everywhere I go. Often times I label and date it with what type of storm it was. As you can imagine, a summer sun shower would be beautiful warm energy, and hail and a lightning storm pack a VERY powerful punch and can be incorporated into magical workings that need the extra push or used to curse. There is nothing like sitting on the banks of a large body of water, watching a terrible storm roll in. Many water witches enjoy this type of weather, and pull energy from the storm as well as send spells out and let the roaring winds and waters weave the magic.

Types of water you can work with include, sea, brackish, lakes, rivers, distilled, hydrosol, swamps, snow, hail, rain, ponds, canals, seasonal creeks, sacred wells and other bodies of water. Really there is no limit to how you can use water magic! I find that Water Witches are attracted to bottles, bowls, and other vessels. They are often found beach combing or searching the banks of rivers and lakes. Many I have spoken with are drawn to some sort of mythological water spirit or creature such as Mermaids, Selkie, and Lake Ladies. Many love to swim, boat, and are often found in the bath. Interestingly, astrological charts seem to indicate a strong lean towards water, often times having a Water rising sign as well as a Watery moon. However this is not a hard fast rule and it does vary. Often times, Water witches are very good at water scrying, divination with shells or bones found along the shoreline. Almost every Sea/Water witch I have met is a bit of a magpie and will collect shells, wood, glass etc from the water and create shrines or water based altars. Many work with tea, sacred baths, healing waters, holy wells, hydrosols, and water based sprays. I will blog more about how to work with different bodies of water and how to work with them in the future.

Resurrection Water

As you know the past 6 months have been hard. These things just happen, no one person can always have a great day, week, month or in my case several months. So last week was my birthday. It was a quiet day, as all my celebrations had been over the weekend. I was gifted with great food, cake and presents. Last year was a big year for me and I had stressed myself out. I am very glad to have had a nice quiet birthday this year.

A fellow witch who we will call D. came over to pick up some flying ointment. I had helped him out with supplies for his coven last Samhain and he gifted me with a few little gifts. I always try to reciprocate even if it is MONTHS later. I had finally strained this batch of herbs and made my third and most potent brew. I sold out of all the large ones locally, all but one. I had one left and it had D.'s name all over it! When he stopped by I was just finishing up with an emergency henna client. We had hennaed several places for a show she had coming up, and for whatever reason, it did NOT like her upper hip, we were finishing up very quickly as D. arrived. We got to talk of poisons and he showed me the most beautiful ritual knife I have seen. As he was wrapping the knife back up we reminisced that we had the same birthday! He reminded me about some particular astrology notes regarding our birthday. This gave rise to a few ideas of what to do magically, on my birthday.

Since no one had any big plans for me that night I decided to take the night to myself. I cleaned the magic room first, as I have been using it for research and books were strewn across the floor with various notes, sketches, and random bits of bone, shell, and rock packed in baskets and on glass dishes. That is how I roll in the magic room, when I work, I work! Tonight was different though because it was my birthday. I decided to work some personal magic with sigils, black scrying water, a hand made ancestor candle from the last batch and Resurrection water made from the Rose of Jerico.

A resurrection plant or Rose of Jerico or Selaginella lepidophylla  belongs to the spikemoss family.  It has been used as an antimicrobial and can ease sore throats, and colds (please consult your doctor before use) Traditionally it is used in hoodoo and similar practices for various magical reasons. The plant looks like a small tumble weed, brown and brittle. Though the plant in itself is magical it was the water and the actions that take place in the water that truly hold the power, at least for me. Once the roots of the plant have been submerged into water the plant begins its resurrection process. It opens slowly over a few hours. Once the plant has come to life I remove some of this life giving water and use it in other workings. Any working which requires transformation, rebirth, and forward movement would be an appropriate use for this plant. 

I have been working with the resurrection plant for coven rituals lately. We have been using the water left in the dish after it has opened for healing rituals. The plant's energy is quiet, but very strong. I started by taking the bottle of water from the spring I collected several weeks ago, on my excursion to the hot springs with "the bestie". I poured the water over my hands into the bowl letting the OLD flow off into the bowl and onto the dead miniature tumble weed seated in my sacred blue bowl. Though not dead, it was dormant and looks like it is barely clinging to life curled up just hanging on, keeping its energy reserves for when it really needed it. The blue bowl is the same blue vessel you see throughout the blog in various states. It has become my main water working tool and for this rite it was creating change by being the cauldron or vessel of change. It held the dried and cracked plant crumpled tight in to the shape of the ball. As the water rushed over my hands I released all the old, and everything I wanted gone. Ritually cleansing and releasing everything old and worn out into the bowl. I went into my ritual bare, clean and ready to really take that leap and go into the next birth cycle free of old chains and pains. (Physically and emotionally)

I took myself into an altered state with a mixture of intoxicating herbs, ointments and incense, I chanted along with a playlist of deep songs that put me into an amazing trance state. They sent me right where I wanted to go... As the music faded away I came down from my flight to work a little magic on my birthday night. I had received a gift of a Henbane root in a black box several months ago. It had been more of an altar decoration than anything else. Then in the last moon cycle I began to work with it. I opened it up and gave it an offering of my blood. It has rested since. After my flight, I opened the box and ask for its spirit to aid me in my work. When my rite was finished the resurrection plant had bloomed. The blooming of the plant in conjunction with my rite symbolized in the physical world, what I had worked magically in the otherworld.

The next day copper dragonflies swarmed my head as I harvested the herbs from the garden for burnable herb bundles which some call smudge sticks. I have never seen so many dragonflies in Arizona! In fact not since I was Florida have I seen that many dragonflies! Their presences acknowledges my rite worked, and very speedy at that! Thanks to a little extra punch from Jupiter...

If you want to make your own Resurrection water simply place a resurrection plant (of either variety) in a bowl of water. After a few hours add a little more water because it absorbs the water very fast. Thank the plant for its help and energy then remove the water you need. Replace the plant and add just a little more more. It is important to remember to water from underneath. You don't want to soak the top of the plant because it may mold quickly. You can also add rose petals, herbs or stones to the water or bowl but always check to make sure they are safe for the plant and your magical working. You want to use water from a fresh source as they don't love ocean water very much. This is a plant of miracles, it can lay dormant with no water for many many years, possibly up to 50! The Resurrection water can be used for many reasons. Floor washes, personal cleansing, herbal remedies, and any magic that involves rebirth! 

Glastonbury Blue Bowl

Recently in my practice I have been feeling like there was something missing. Something sacred that during ritual I just needed to have on my altar, dip my fingers into etc. Well after several times of feeling this way, I meditated and found that I needed to work with a sacred bowl. Not a cauldron, which is very important to me as well, but a bowl. Something to told sacred waters. I started to look around. I wanted it to be blue and hand made. About the time I found the bowl (Below) I found out (via internet research) about something called the Glastonbury Blue Bowl. There wasn't much information on this so while I was talking to my mentor Mara Freeman, I asked her to tell me about it. I had never heard about the blue bowl before, but it is no surprise that my soul was craving it. After being at the Chalice well, and standing right next to the building that housed the bowl, (but not being able to enter) I must have picked up on the energy. Perhaps it is more simple than that, the more I align myself with the energies of Avalon, the more the little things come into my life.

In 1908 a French man named Wellesley Tudor Pole became convinced that he needed to move to Glastonbury. Along the way he became convinced that he would find a sacred object there, and would need three maidens to help him. In 1906 an object was uncovered at Bride's mound. It was in fact a blue bowl. Unfortunately it was not the artifact that they had expected. After carbonating and other research they found that the bowl was placed there in 1898 by an English Doctor named Goodchild. He had spent much time in Italy treating tuberculosis years before. He purchased the bowl there and brought it back to the UK with him. After a profound dream where he was told that Jesus had actually carried the bowl, he became convinced that he was in possession of the Holy Grail. He brought the bowl into an antiquities dealer who could neither confirm or deny where it had come from, but suggested that it was very ancient. Since the shop owner who Goodchild had originally bought it from told him that it came from inside of a wall on an old site. He became even more convinced that it was the Holy Grail, and placed the bowl in Bride's mound where he thought it belonged. Though we now know it was not the Holy Grail and that most of the information was incorrect. It now carries the energy of Bride's mound, and Chalice Well (where it now resides inside locked away).

I personally think that the grail if it does exists is NOT a blue bowl, but I do think we can work with the grail and other healing and water energies through working with a sacred vessel. I personally love my chalice but it holds wine, a very important part of ritual. I needed and wanted something more. The energy of the "concept" of a sacred bowl has now been spreading through my own practice, and with out telling my students it is creeping into theirs. I now have one that has come to me with similar information, urging her to start to work with water, by holding it in a bowl. Amazing isn't it? How egregore can be passed from teacher to student and vice versa with out intention. That is why those of us that are called to the Priestess path (or Priest) have to consider everything we do before we do it. (More of that later in another blog) I am happy that this bowl has come to me, and that my students want to work with water more. Maybe it is the sacredness of the water, or the vessel itself. I am not sure, but time will unravel this little mystery.

Blessed Imbolc

Blessed Imbolc!
I hope that the turn of the wheel, and the first month in 2013 has treated you well. While the rest of the world is experiencing the first glimpse of spring with snow drops and crocus peeking out of the ground. Here in Arizona we are experiencing a mix of death and birth. The leaves are still golden and falling to the ground from our first frost. The bunnies are out as if it were already Eostara. I am having a joyous time watching the little seeds I planted in the fall begin to sprout. I have henbane sprouts, and a brand new little Mandrake that has emerged just this morning. I am so happy to see this! My poke and belladonna are doing well, so are the primrose, and ferns. It is really lovely to see all the new growth.

Today I crafted Brigid's crosses, and held ritual. I am looking forward to tending to my home and another ritual tomorrow. I have never really resonated with Imbolc or Brigid. I am not really a fiery person (despite the red hair). It wasn't until this morning that I really had that AH HA! moment. Brigid is associated with Fire, and I am a Water Witch. How do these co-mingle? It is hard, but after deep thought i realized that, a cup of tea is fire (heat) and water, so is a hot bath. My favorite flower the Rose is also associated with fire. I find it interesting that Brigid is a fire Goddess, Goddess of the rising sun and morning, but yet she has numerous holy places through out the UK. The most famous being the Holy Well at Kildare. "This" is the water association I needed!  Not only was this association pleasing to my soul, but I realized that she is a Goddess of healing, and water is the element that is associated with healing. I chuckled at myself, because I have been reading a book on healing with Brigid.

I was very happy and pleased to start to resonate so strongly with this beautiful Goddess. So I pulled out my new blue bowl. A brand new sacred tool that is associated with Glastonbury, the Holy Grail, and Avalon (more on the Glastonbury blue bowl later) I took fresh filtered water, quartz and red rose petals from the one mini rose that was blooming on the porch. I made sacred water to cleanse before ritual. I also prepared an offering of Honey, for her work with bees, Milk for her work with cattle and diary, and Apples, for her association with the Sacred Apple Orchard. We held ritual in her honor, it was wonderful, we made what the Scotts call Clootie (strips of fabric with our prayers and intentions on them) to tie in the tree, asking for healing and other magical intentions. We crafted Brigid's crosses and breathed life into our Clootie. After ritual we presented her offering to the Fairy garden, and tied our Clootie in the tree. I look forward to continuing my Imbolc/Candalmass rituals, hearth tending, and more crafting tomorrow.............
Have a Blessed Imbolc

Searching for water

This summer has been so hot. It could be because we are in Arizona where the temperatures are always above 100 degrees in the summer. I have been incredibly successful in being able to appease my “Capricorn rising” by maintaining several gardens. My nightshades are growing incredibly, and I have baby foxglove that seem to be doing well. There are two new mystery plants in the yard. I am so excited to see what they are. They look like nightshade so I am hoping for wild Datura. 

Since it has been so dang hot I haven’t been able to walk down to the pond and feed the ducks. The blue heron hasn’t been spotted in several weeks, and to be honest I haven’t seen any vulture either. Tuesday my husband decided to surprise me, we drove and drove to the north east of Phoenix.  There was a beautiful body of water. Though I went to high school in Arizona I have never been to the Salt River. He knows that I am itching for a trip up north to drink the cool waters of Montezuma’s well, but time and finances are currently preventing it. 

When we arrived we started to explore, sadly to say it was so hot we didn’t get to stay long, but the short time was worth it. I felt so close to home, so wonderful to be right by the water, a natural body of flowing water. There were HUGE fish swimming close to the bank, and of course less than 5 minutes from being there, what did I find, a wonderful and very clean bird skeleton. It is a wonderful gift, a wonderful reminder that I was exactly where I should be. I thought it very symbolic that here we are right after Lammas, headed into the dark side of the year, and there was a beautiful reminder of both death, and birth.  

Lammas was very rough for many of my friends, with mercury in retrograde and a full moon, it was quite potent. I suffered from much emotional turmoil, the looming feeling of the cycle of death right in front of me. It made me think, ponder, and reevaluate what I wanted out of my spiritual life.  Sometimes it is just time to fly on your own.  Don’t get me wrong I will continue my studies, just I have reevaluated how I will study, how I will handle things, and what direction my path will take me. I have felt that I have kept a security blanket of sorts, constantly looking for approval from my teachers, hoping that my work will please them and is up to snuff.  Having the security blanket in place was more of a hindrance; it was almost like it was clouding my path. The events of Lammas really shook the ground from underneath me.  I feel fresh, I have a whole new drive, the path has been made clear and onward I go. (More on this later sorry to be cryptic but when I tell you it is going to be awesome!) This quote my Jason Silva really sums it up. Sometimes the only thing that can create life, is death its self. 

Return to things that are meaningful and bathe inside of it. Return to things that are important. See the world in a grain of sand, heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, or eternity in an hour. Shake up the rug out from underneath your feet. Disruption makes things new again, it makes ideas fresh. Return to things that are meaningful and bathe inside of it, partake in those things that will somehow make us come alive ~ Jason Silva

 Standing there staring at the water, in places flowing slowly, in others rushing over rocks, it reminded me that everything changes, it is always changing. The important thing is to flow with the river of life, slow, fast, and everything in between. This song is one of my favorite songs; it is so soulful and so appropriate of the time I am emerging out of. Sometimes the only friend you have is the moonlight, she is quite, but she is a beautiful friend.  Enjoy…….. and don’t forget to bend, before you break

Around here, it's the hardest time of year
Waking up, the days are even gone
The collar of my coat
Lord help me, cannot help the cold
Will the rain drops sting my eyes
or keep them closed?
But I'm feelin' no pain
I'm a little lonely and my quietest friend
Have I the moonlight? Have I let you in?
Say it aint so, say I'm happy again
Say it's over
Say I'm dreaming, say I'm better than you left me
Say you're sorry, I can take it
Say you'll wait, say you won't
Say you love me, say you don't
I can make my own mistakes
Let it bend before it breaks
I'm alright. Don't I always seem to be?
Aren't I swinging on the stars? Don't I wear them on my sleeves?
Went looking for a crossroads, It happens everyday
And whichever way you turn, I'm gonna turn the other way
Say it's over
Say I'm dreaming, say I'm better than you left me
Say you're sorry, I can take it
Say you'll wait, say you won't
Say you love me, say you don't
I can make my own mistakes
Learn to let it bend before it breaks
Say it's over
Say I'm dreaming, say I'm better than you left me
Say you're sorry, I can take it
Say you'll wait, say you won't
Say you love me, say you don't
I can make my own mistakes
Let it bend before it breaks
And learn to let it bend before it breaks